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Different Types of Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Significance Of Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Heavy-Duty floor mats are the ones that can withstand heavy loads. The resistance to load is without any significant wear and tear. It is imperative to outline the importance of these ground protection mats. The turf surface is the most vulnerable in the case of large-scale events.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the event managers to protect turf using certain arrangements. These ground protection mats are the arrangement against the loads in an event. Moreover, the heavy equipment and machinery also need a safe passage. In most cases, the equipment and event machinery can severely damage the grass surface.

Hence, the use of a ground protection system is of utmost importance. Event planners use heavy-duty mats to protect the ground surface and soft soil from heavy machinery. Moreover, these ground protection mats are also viable for increasing the stability of the flooring. Generally, a turf surface is unstable and uneven.

This instability of the turf surface is detrimental to the movement of event vehicles and the movement of attendees. Hence, a flooring arrangement with the help of heavy-duty floor mats LA will counter stability-related issues. These mats will make the surface stable and even. Thus, it allows the movement of vehicles and participants without any hassle.

Slip accidents are a common thing in events having large gatherings. The safety of attendees is also of sheer importance for event managers. Therefore, the arrangement of mats will prevent these accidents. The ribbed surface of these heavy-duty mats will prevent slip accidents up to the maximum extent.

Types Of Heavy-Duty Floor Mats


Various types of heavy-duty mats are available per the requirements. All of these ground protection mats have different materialistic features. Hence, they have different load-bearing capabilities. Let us look at some of the best types of heavy-duty floor mats.

Arena Panels

Arena panels are heavy-duty mats that use strand cast aluminum as the major constituent. Aluminum is the core element in the manufacturing of this type of mat. Aluminum exhibit two distinctive properties simultaneously. One is that it is lightweight, and the other is that it has great load-bearing capacity.

Another key feature of these aluminum mats is that they are rust-proof. Therefore, you can use them again and again. Furthermore, you can also use them outdoors without the fear of any wear and tear. These mats are light in weight. Hence, it is very simple to install and dismantle them.


Recycled high-density polyethylene is the core material for the manufacturing of these mats. Easymats are extremely light in weight. Hence, the installation process is very straightforward. Moreover, the dismantling process is also hassle-free.

The high-density material has a higher load-bearing capacity. These mats can withstand a load of heavy machinery without undergoing any deformation. This material is also fire-resistant. Thus, it is highly suitable for use in large-scale events.

Box Panels

These heavy-duty floor mats can counter heavy loads without causing any damage to the underlying surface. Strand cast aluminum is the chief ingredient in manufacturing these floor mats. Aluminum is a lightweight material. Hence, the installation and dismantling process becomes very easy. Box panels have interlinking that will offer enhanced strength. Aluminum will increase the rigidity of the flooring. Moreover, these heavy-duty mats significantly reduce trip hazard incidents.

Advantages Of Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Heavy Duty Mats 2.jpg (2)

There are scores of advantages of using floor mats for events. Let us briefly account for the key advantages of heavy-duty floor mats. These mats are easy to install and remove owing to their lightweight property.

Furthermore, the flooring mats protect the underlying turf surface from the damage of heavy loads. Moreover, the flooring arrangement is the most viable option for outdoor and indoor events. These heavy-duty floor mats significantly decrease the incidents of trip hazards. This flooring arrangement ensures the provision of air and light to the underneath turf surface.

In this way, the buried grass surface will remain fresh and free from rotting. The flooring panels make the surface stable and even. That makes the event easily accessible for everyone. The sum up of advantages of these mats are as follows:

  • Lightweight mats
  • Easy installation process
  • Time-efficient installation process
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Manufactured from recyclable material
  • High strength and durable

Applications Of Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Heavy-duty floor mats find diverse applications in the construction industry. They provide a safe and hurdle-free passage to the heavy construction machinery. Furthermore, this flooring arrangement prevents heavy machinery from damaging the soft soil surface. These high-strength mats provide a stable and even surface for the movement of construction machinery.

These heavy-duty mats are also widely used in musical concerts. Moreover, any event of public gathering will require heavy-duty floor mats. Similarly, these mats are the best option for sports events and fashion shows.

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