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Encyclopedic Overview of Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Significance of Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

We can all agree that turf is the most vulnerable part of any mega event. With a crowd of thousands of people attending an outdoor event, the grass and the ground surface are on the verge of destruction. Therefore, heavy-duty floor mats are the one-stop solution for outdoor events. An event organizer cannot expect the safety of the event without using these floor mats.

Outdoor events are usually organized on uneven flooring. The uneven flooring is not suitable both for attendees and wheelchair participants. Uneven floor surface is not ideal for walking or moving a wheelchair. Thus, the temporary flooring arrangements of these mats will cover the uneven floor and make it accessible for wheelchair participants. Moreover, it will also be of equal comfort for the other attendees as it will provide a smooth surface to walk on.

Another concern among the event managers is that the flooring may cause the grass to rot since it may not get air and light ventilation. However, that is not the case when using heavy-duty floor mats. These temporary floor mats have a porous surface which allows the air and light to reach the surface of the grass. Thus, the underlying turf will remain fresh.

With a crowd expanding to thousands of people, slip and trip hazards are very common. These trip accidents can cause serious injuries. Therefore, it is essential to make a flooring arrangement that will provide a safe and secure walking place for the attendees of the events. Hence, one cannot downplay the importance of these temporary heavy floor mats.

Materialistic Features of Heavy-Duty Floor Mats


Heavy-duty floor mats are made up of hardened polythene with a UV stabilizer. This material exhibits high impact resistance and rigidity. Therefore, it can withstand medium to heavy loads. Furthermore, the manufacturing material of these temporary floor mats is light in weight apart from being rigid.

Hence, the lightweight material makes the installation process seamless. Similar to the installation process, the dismantling process is also straightforward. These floor panels come in standard size with the length, width, and height as 115 cm, 115 cm, and 5 cm, respectively.

Furthermore, the weight of each standard temporary floor panel is 19.5 kg. Hence, the same size and lightweight are critical factors of rapid installation. The UV-resistant material of these heavy-duty floor mats increases the lifespan, and you can use them for several years under all weathering conditions.

Advantages of Heavy Duty Mats

These temporary floor mats have countless benefits for all types of events. Let us pinpoint some of the key advantages of these temporary mats. They are light in weight and can withstand medium to heavy loads. The lightweight hardened polythene material of these heavy-duty floor mats makes the installation process very easy.

Furthermore, the dismantling process is also easy since you only have to remove each panel of lightweight floor mats. You do not need professional expertise to install and dismantle these temporary floor mats. These mats keep the turf and soil surface safe from the crowd of thousands of people.

These temporary flooring mats provide wheelchair participants with easy access to the event. Moreover, the top surface of these heavy-duty floor mats is ribbed, making them slip-resistant. Another advantage of these floor mats is their porous surface, allowing light and air to reach the underlying grass surface. Thus, the underlying turf remains fresh.

The pores of these mats are so tiny that they only allow light and air. Hence, they do not let any spilled liquid reach the bottom surface and damage the grass. Therefore, you can easily clean any spillage from the surface of these temporary mats after the event.

Applications of Floor Mats


These heavy-duty floor mats find application in a vast number of fields. You can use them for any outdoor event with thousands of people. It can easily withstand the load of thousands of people in musical events, public gatherings, or racing events.

These temporary mats also find applications in the construction industry. Due to its load-bearing capacity, it can easily allow the smooth passage of construction machinery without causing any damage to the underlying soil surface. Furthermore, these temporary floor mats make the uneven surface of the construction site even so that the machinery can quickly move along.

These heavy-duty floor mats have ribbed top surfaces, making them slip-resistant. Therefore, they are also used in fashion shows as a modeling ramp. The slip-resistant surface is excellent for modeling walks.

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