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Event Management Using Temporary Outdoor Flooring

Temporary Outdoor Flooring: An Overview

Temporary outdoor flooring is a temporary arrangement used to protect the turf for outdoor events. These temporary flooring units are made up of hardened polythene, making them lightweight and durable at the same time.

To protect the grass, you have to cover the turf surface with these flooring units. The floor systems can withstand loads of thousands of people participating in the outdoor event. Thus, the underlying grass surface is completely safe from the crowd’s wrath.

The reason to keep these flooring units light in weight is that they can be installed easily. Easy installation of these temporary floor mats is possible since they are not affixed with the ground. You only have to place them to cover the desired turf area.

Due to this simple placement method, these temporary outdoor flooring installation and dismantling process is free of hassle. The temporary flooring system provides an even walking and moving surface compared to the bare turf ground, which is normally uneven.

Thus, the outdoor flooring is essential for allowing wheelchair participants safe access to the event. The even surface will make it extremely convenient for wheelchair attendees to move around the floor without any trouble.

Trip hazard incidents are very common in large-scale events. The top surface of these temporary floor mats is a ribbed structure. Thus, it makes them slip-resistant, and the trip hazard incidents are reduced to a minimum.

Importance of Temporary Outdoor Flooring

Temporary outdoor flooring is an integral part of event management. We can ascertain the significance of these temporary flooring systems because almost every outdoor event is incomplete without using any temporary flooring arrangement.

The construction industry requires the movement of heavy machinery to accomplish the milestones of the construction project. However, the soil surface does not allow the easy movement of construction machinery since the surface is uneven.

Therefore, the temporary outdoor flooring is of sheer importance for the construction industry as it will provide an even surface to construction machinery to move on. Moreover, it will also protect the underlying soil surface from the damage of heavy loads.

This temporary flooring system is the best-suited option to avoid trip hazard accidents. Its top surface is ribbed, making it slip-resistant. Thus, it will prevent accidents and injuries caused by the trip hazard. Moreover, it will provide a comfortable walking surface to the outdoor event participants.

Types of Temporary Outdoor Flooring

Temporary Outdoor Flooring 2.jpg

There are numerous types of temporary outdoor flooring in terms of material type, size, and useability. However, all the flooring types have common functionality. That functionality is to protect the underlying turf and soil surface and provide an easy walking surface to the attendees of the outdoor events. Let us view some of the most widely used types of temporary flooring.

ArmorDeck 1

This temporary outdoor flooring perfectly protects sports pitches and running tracks. It can withstand low to medium weight and protect the underlying turf from damage. Moreover, it has small pores on the top of its surface, allowing air and light ventilation.

eps Pro

This temporary floor management is suitable to withstand medium to heavy loads. It is made up of polypropylene copolymer, which is a very dense and lightweight material. Thus, it is super easy to install these temporary floor mats.

This type of floor system is perfectly suitable to use in the construction industry as it can bear the heavy loads of construction machinery.


This temporary floor arrangement has polypropylene with a UV stabilizer as the major constituent. It can withstand heavy loads and can protect any ground arrangement. Moreover, it can easily adapt to both even and uneven ground surfaces.

It comes in standard size panels, and thus, it is very easy to install and cover the desired area with this flooring system. Similarly, the dismantling process of this temporary floor is also straightforward, and you do not need any professional expertise to do that.

Advantages of Temporary Outdoor Flooring

Temporary outdoor flooring has countless benefits when used in outdoor events. Let us pinpoint some of the key advantages of using these temporary flooring systems. First of all, it is very easy to install and dismantle as you do not have to affix it to the ground.

Moreover, the time taken to install these panels for covering a specific area is very little. You can cover an enormous area using these temporary flooring units within a very short period. These flooring units have a ribbed surface making them slip-resistant. Therefore, using these floor systems reduces trip hazard incidents by a significant amount.

Temporary outdoor flooring keeps the underlying turf fresh by allowing the passage of air and light. However, it does not let the spilled liquid reach the surface of the grass. In addition, you can easily clean the top surface of the flooring unit after the event.

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