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Get To Know the Different Types of Portable Tent Flooring

Portable Tent Flooring: ArmorDeck 1

ArmorDeck 1 is the type of portable tent flooring that is best suitable for enhancing stability in outdoor or indoor events. The stability factor is an important aspect that governs the success of an event. If the attendees of an event do not get a stable walking or standing surface, the event turns out to be a drastic failure. Therefore, the event planners have to make the event surfaces stable.

The natural turf surfaces in outdoor events are unstable, with many bumps. This flooring arrangement is necessary for use in such events to cover uneven patches. In addition, these temporary flooring panels are highly flexible owing to the use of hardened polythene in manufacturing. Hardened polythene is a high-strength yet extremely flexible material.

Therefore, these temporary flooring panels will easily cover the uneven patches on the outdoor event surfaces. Resultantly, the attendees will get a perfect user experience. The event participants will get the best comfort walking or standing on these flexible flooring units. These temporary flooring units have been designed keeping in view the comfort of pedestrians.

Thus, this type of flooring arrangement will provide a maximum level of comfort to the event attendees. The event managers have made this flooring system mandatory for outdoor events. That portable tent flooring arrangement will provide an excellent experience to event attendees. Moreover, these flooring units are ideal for protecting turf surfaces in outdoor events.

They will comprehensively cover the greensward areas. Thereby, the turf surfaces will remain protected and fresh with the deployment of these temporary flooring panels. Perforations within these flooring units will supply air and light to the underneath grass surfaces. These flooring panels will keep the turf in outdoor events fresh irrespective of the timeframe they remain buried.

Portafloor – Portable Tent Flooring

Portable Tent Flooring

This type of portable tent flooring is versatile in terms of event application. The best attribute of these temporary flooring panels is that they are lightweight for using polypropylene as a chief manufacturing material. Polypropylene is a very lightweight material. However, this chief manufacturing material also provides ultimate strength for managing events.

The lightweight feature of these temporary barriers will expedite the installation and dismantling processes significantly. Therefore, these temporary flooring units are an economical solution in the long run. Another key property of these tent flooring units is that they are rust-proof. The tent flooring panels are UV stabilized, making them rust-proof.

Thus, these temporary flooring panels are durable and long-lasting. You can reuse them for multiple events without any hassle. The galvanized flooring panels are best for outdoor use. That galvanization will protect the portable tent flooring panels from extreme weather conditions. The below points highlight the key attributes of these tent flooring units:

  • These flooring units are lightweight, easing the installation process.
  • Tent flooring is versatile and provides high strength and a simple installation process.
  • The temporary flooring arrangement is durable as it utilizes rust-proof materials in the manufacturing process.
  • There is a simple click system to install these temporary flooring panels quickly. Thus, you don’t need experienced workers.
  • These portable flooring units are economical event management solutions.

Supa-Trac Portable Tent Flooring

Supa-Trac portable tent flooring is the most flexible tent flooring. It offers a wide range of benefits and applies to several different events. These temporary flooring units are air and light permeable. Therefore, they tend to keep the turf surfaces fresh at all times. The turf surfaces buried under the flooring units require air and light supply to remain fresh.

They will rot if this essential supply is cut off. The temporary flooring systems provide adequate air and light to greensward areas. Thus, this type of tent flooring mechanism is best suited to protect turf surfaces. Moreover, polypropylene copolymer is the key manufacturing component of these temporary fencing units. That manufacturing component is the reason for the increased flexibility of these temporary fencing units.

Another differentiating aspect of this portable tent flooring is its different connectors. These connectors allow it to connect with different types of flooring systems seamlessly. Thus, you can use a combination of different flooring systems in your event per your requirements.

The locking system of these temporary flooring panels provides multiple configuration options. Therefore, you can use these temporary flooring panels as your event requires. These temporary flooring arrangements are class-apart in terms of applications and benefits.

Terraflor – Best for Medium Loads

Portable Tent Flooring

The best suitable application of this portable tent flooring is that it is viable for small to medium loads in an event. Hence, it can withstand high foot traffic and small event machinery. Furthermore, these temporary flooring panels are the best fit for undulated surfaces. The flexibility of these temporary flooring units makes them perfect for uneven surfaces.

These temporary flooring panels are designed to withstand loads without damaging the underneath turf surfaces. However, trip hazard accidents are problematic in outdoor and indoor events. These accidents can cause injuries in some cases. Therefore, it is important to provide a slip-resistant surface to the event attendees.

The portable tent flooring has ribbed bumps on the top. These small bumps apart a traction function, making the temporary flooring surfaces slip-resistant. Resultantly, the event will succeed in the reduction of trip hazard accidents.

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