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Heavy Duty Floor Mats LA

The Importance of Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Excessively large, heavy, and loaded construction machinery and vehicles are necessary for the industry. Therefore, you must apply suitable soil protection measures. Optimum load distribution and traction play a decisive role. Similarly, soil protection has the task of protecting the covered subsoil as best as possible. So, you can use various heavy duty floor mats for such purposes.

These heavy duty floor mats create safe paths on almost any ground. These mats offer a fast and versatile ground protection system. Moreover, the mats quickly create temporary footpaths, roads, and work surfaces for construction sites or events. You can use these for solid surfaces. Moreover, the drivable event flooring can adapt to soft and hard soils. Similarly, you can also use this on almost any surface. It happens due to its highly flexible nature.

The Benefits of Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Heavy duty floor mats are perfect for woodland, highway, or pipeline projects. Cargo haulers and heavy machinery ranging from trucks to cranes are also necessary on building sites.

Similarly, when it comes to bridge moving and other transfers of heavy and bulky goods, SPMT is frequently chosen. These self-propelled, modular transport trucks create loading zones of any size. As a result, heavy-duty mats are appropriate for this use.

For heavy-duty roadways, a variety of ground protection systems are available. Furthermore, these highways can accommodate trucks with axle weights up to twelve tons. Different needs exist in addition to the requirements of specific vehicles and cargoes. Furthermore, these requirements are specific to the type of soil placed on the cover system.


On unpaved, soft flooring, a high load dispersion is critical. Aluminum panels and PistEco heavy-duty mats from eps are perfect on such surfaces. They also boost the load-bearing ability of muddy soils, meadows, and agricultural land.

Paved surfaces are acceptable for some of the cover systems. Furthermore, heavy duty floor mats from eps include asphalt and cobblestones and surfaces that preserve tartan tracks and stadium grass.

Heavy Duty Floor Mats for Special Requirements

Heavy duty floor mats with many layers give further stability and load-bearing capability. Box panels or HD panels from eps are appropriate for new construction, restoration, or removal of overhead line pylons in marshy locations. Furthermore, this permits mobile cranes, loaders, and cement mixers to maneuver freely across rugged construction sites.

PE film, rubber granulate matting, and geotextile are all available from eps. This collection also contains appropriate underlays. Similarly, they give extra ground protection. Additional components, such as curve elements or different ramps and other accessories, are available.

Road expansion or curve modifications are required for heavy-duty applications. This is true for transporting tower pieces or other wind turbine components. PistEco, a product from eps, helps to smooth out rutted forest and field routes. Furthermore, the flexible plastic panels conform well to the routes’ hollows.

These solutions are appropriate for wetlands such as marshes, floodplains, swamps, ponds, and bogs. Furthermore, aluminum panels are well-suited to such conditions. Similarly, the aggressive profile of heavy duty floor mats ensures the optimum grip even on steeper inclines.

Anti-slip properties are also included in such panels. Similarly, you may modify the laying orientation of these floor panels. Furthermore, these are appropriate for cobblestones, tarmac, and plastic flooring, as well as green spaces. These are also great for cleaning up a sports field or doing some horticulture and landscaping.

Installing Heavy Duty Floor Mats

At least two helpers and a forklift trucker should be on the installation crew. Furthermore, the installation is simple and quick. In terms of direction, the system is adaptable. Furthermore, heavy duty floor mats can be laid longitudinally, crosswise, or in any combination. Furthermore, inside a surface, a change of direction is conceivable.

Place the mats on the floor and join them with a ratchet or a portable screwdriver, screws, and washers. The relevant connection parts have two or four threads for this purpose. These may be inserted into the slots. This allows you to screw two or four panels together from above.


Move the screws further within or outside the slots depending on the ambient temperature. Some indicators might assist you. Remove the fasteners and lay 50 pieces exactly on each pallet during the breakdown step. Collect any materials that have fallen to the ground if necessary.

Quick and easy assembly and great flexibility are two advantages of these heavy duty floor mats. Tight bolting in all directions is possible with them. Furthermore, they are capable of adapting to even the most challenging terrain. As a result, the variety of applications is likewise expanded. Processes like thermal expansion and contraction in the cold can function smoothly thanks to the slots.

On delicate turfs, you should allow a maximum of three days for a resting time due to the material’s lack of transparency and air permeability. This timing, however, is dependent on the weather. Professionals advise choosing a good ground protection solution from the wide choice available.

Why Choose Us?

eps offers HD Panels, Box Panels, and PistEco or Remopla as suitable heavy duty floor mats in Chicago and Los Angeles. Similarly, you can use these to lay temporary access roads with high load-bearing capacities. Moreover, heavy-duty transports involve carrying massive loads weighing several tons. Bulky goods arrive safely at their destination on these heavy equipment ground protection mats.

If you need heavy duty floor mats for a short or extended amount of time, you’ve come to the perfect place. We can gladly handle all services from preparation to final cleaning on request. On-demand, our on-site project supervisors will provide assistance. With our heavy duty floor mats in Los Angeles and Chicago, you’re in good hands.