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Heavy Duty Mats for Enhancing All Events

Significance of Heavy Duty Mats

Mega-events are a common thing nowadays. Thousands of these events are happening are single day. With such a huge number of events, it becomes a challenge for the event planners to manage them efficiently. Most of these events happen in outdoor spaces in football stadiums. Therefore, the grass and ground are vulnerable to damage because thousands of people attend those events. Heavy duty mats can help in such situations.

That rings the bells for the need for heavy duty mats. These mats are important since they provide complete protection of underlying grass and ground from the crowd. In addition, they also serve the purpose of a uniform walking platform.

Slipping incidents are common in musical events due to the presence of large crowds. Moreover, uneven ground is not suitable for wheelchair attendees. Therefore, events planners need to have a ground system that can be feasible for all attendants.

Heavy duty mats find their due importance as they make the ground even and provide an easy platform for wheelchair persons. Moreover, the material of these mats is slip resistance offering a firm grip. These factors showcase the importance and need of these mats for any indoor or outdoor function. A perfectly managed event will have these ground protection systems in place.

Properties of Heavy Duty Mats


The mats serve as a temporary floor for any large-scale event. They provide a safe and secure place for an event. Moreover, their core purpose is to protect the underlying ground from damage. Manufacturers use the best material available to make these heavy duty mats.

Polyethylene is the major constituent of these ground protection mats. This material has the special feature of being slip-resistant. Therefore, events with these floor mats never or less face slip accidents.

These ground mats come in panels of standard size. The standard size makes it easy for the workers to install them properly. Moreover, they are very light in weight ranging from 20kg to 30kg. A single panel of these mats can cover a length of 1.12 meters.

Heavy duty mats are available in multiple colors. That helps the event management devise the best possible way of assembling them. The texture of these flooring mats is smooth, yet it offers slip resistance. Most importantly, every panel of these mats has uniform pores in it.

These pores allow air ventilation to the underlying grass. The pores are small enough to allow the passage of air. However, the best part is that they do not allow the infiltration of any liquid spillage.

Advantages of Heavy Duty Mats in Events

Any event planner will keep the safety of people and the ground as the topmost priority. An event without proper protection in place can turn into a chaotic place in a few hours. Therefore, it is important to have countermeasures in place to ensure maximum safety. The heavy duty mats are a one-stop solution for all the flooring protection needs. Let us look at the wide range of advantages of these rough and tough mats.

Grass protection is of sheer importance. A crowd of thousands of people can damage the grass and ground in a blink of an eye. Therefore, these mats protect the underlying grass from the stomping of people. Moreover, it also ensures complete ventilation to the grass through pores on the surface. The air keeps the turf fresh.


Fire accidents are a common thing in public events. However, there is no need to worry because these ground protection mats have got you covered. Their materialistic composition makes them fire-resistant. Hence, it is a huge relief for event managers to ward off any fire hazard with these heavy duty mats.

Slip incidents can cause severe damage to the attendees. However, these mats are designed with polyethylene to counter slip. In addition, the mats do not allow any liquid spillage to reach the underlying ground. They are very easy to install in a short period.

There is a reason behind the name “Heavy Duty” of these mats. They can withstand heavy loads of crowds and machinery without any deformation. The ground protection mats make the walking surface uniform, and it is equally feasible for wheelchair attendants.

Applications of These Mats

Events are null and void if they do not have any mechanism for ground protection. Therefore, heavy duty mats are of perfect application to use in indoor and outdoor events. They are durable and easy to use. Musical events that comprise thousands of people can often become chaos if the people are not provided with a comfortable standing place.

These mats are comfortable to walk and sit on with their smooth texture. Moreover, indoor functions have a major problem because nobody wants to see the indoor floor damaged. Thus, these heavy, tough mats come to the rescue. They make the surface comfortable for the attendees and act as a strong protective layer over the underlying ground.

The construction industry relies on the usage of heavy machinery. These machines are of thousand tons in terms of weight. They may damage the soil or ground of operation. Heavy duty mats take the load of this equipment to solve this problem.

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