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Heavy Duty Mats: The Ultimate Addition to Events

Significance Of Using Heavy Duty Mats

The ground is the most vulnerable thing prone to damage in large-scale events. The turf is very soft. Therefore, a significant amount of load can damage it in a few hours. Heavy duty mats come to the rescue to deal with these sorts of instances.

These mats can bear the load of thousands of people attending the event. Apart from this, they also provide ample air ventilation to the underlying grass. In this way, the grass remains fresh.

Grass protection is of sheer importance in any outdoor event. Therefore, event planners ensure a ground protection system to protect against any damages by the crowd or machinery. Moreover, the event can become chaotic if the attendees are not comfortable with the flooring. Hence, we cannot undermine the significance of the heavy duty mats for any outdoor event.

The primary objective of these mats is to ensure the easy passage of vehicles and event machinery without damaging the underlying ground. Moreover, the uneven floor is unfavorable for wheelchair attendees.

That is where the requirement of these mats becomes evident. These ground protection mats provide an even and smooth surface for wheelchair participants. Hence, it makes the event equal for everyone.

Types Of Heavy Duty Mats

Floor protection mats come in various forms depending upon the requirements. There exist a vast number of these ground mats. However, we will highlight the top-performing mats that used a ground protection system. These heavy duty mats are as follows:

HD Panels

HD Panels

These panels are made up of strand-cast aluminum. The material is hard enough to bear heavy loads. It comes in standard size panels, making it easy to install and dismantle after use.

The length of each standard HD panel is 2.50 meters, and the width is 3.05 meters. These panels are not just rigid, but they are also slip-resistant. Thereby, it makes a comfortable place for people and wheelchair persons.

Box Panels

BOx Panel

Aluminum is also the principal constituent for manufacturing box panels. Aluminum yields a significant amount of strength. A single panel weighs around 300 kg. Therefore, you can use cranes to install them properly. The length of a standard box panel is 2.44 meters, and the width is 3.00 meters.

ArmorDeck 3

ArmorDeck 3

These types of floor mats are light in weight. Therefore, it is straightforward to install them. However, they make up a firm surface over the turf. They can withstand heavy loads of crowds and machinery. These heavy duty mats are capable of both even and uneven surfaces. With a weight of 19 kg, the process of installation becomes easy. The standard length and width of these panels are 1.07 meters and 1.07 meters, respectively.



Hardened polythene is the primary constituent of Terraflor mats. These mats are bound to face extreme conditions of loads. Moreover, the surface is slip-resistant, making it easy for the attendees and the wheelchair participants of an event. The panel of Terraflor has a standard length and width of 1.48 meters and 2.23 meters, respectively.

Advantages Of Heavy Duty Mats

There are countless benefits of using these ground protection mats in events. The first and foremost advantage is that these heavy duty mats protect the underlying turf from damage. The underlying grass surface is prone to damage in events having thousands of people. Therefore, these protection mats protect the grass from the stomping of people.

Moreover, the mats contain perforations. That allows the air ventilation to the grass, keeping it fresh all the time. These perforated holes are small enough not to enable any spillage to reach the ground beneath. So, it prevents the damage from spillage.

These heavy duty mats provide a safe passageway for the construction machinery. The construction machinery is heavy enough to damage soil or turf surfaces. Therefore, these protection mats are reliable enough to take the load of machinery and protect it from damage.

Wheelchair participants find these mats very attractive. These mats and their installation meet the requirement of the ADA (Americans Disabilities Act). Hence, they serve as a comfortable zone for persons who use wheelchairs. The best property is of these mats is that they are slip-resistant because of their manufacturing material.

Applications Of Heavy Duty Mats

Heavy duty mats find numerous applications. It is impossible to carry out a significant event without ensuring a ground protection system. Therefore, these protection mats are your first thing if there is a musical event.

Moreover, heavy duty mats have immense importance in the construction industry. They are perfect to bear loads of heavy construction machinery. In this way, the soil and turf are protected from a load of these machines.

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