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How To Install Construction Fence Panels?

Construction fence panels are integral security arrangements for construction sites. The temporary fencing panels are a viable option for protecting construction sites from the intervention of trespassers and unwanted individuals. The security of the construction sites is of utmost importance and will require a robust arrangement to make the sites safe and secure from every perspective.

Using these fencing panels has become an absolute necessity at construction sites. These temporary fencing panels will cover the whole area of the construction sites. The height of these temporary fences is more than enough to disregard the entry of unwanted persons and herding animals. Thus, these privacy fences are a dynamic security solution for construction sites and events.

The construction sites have expensive equipment that assists in the workflow mechanism. However, reported cases of equipment theft are high for construction sites. Hence, construction managers must ensure the safety of equipment at all costs. The temporary fencing panels are the most impactful arrangement to prevent equipment theft at construction sites.

The construction fence panels are the perfect arrangement for use around the perimeter of the construction sites. These fencing panels will act as a security cover for the construction sites. Apart from the theft, the temporary fencing panels will be a perfect solution for enhancing the security of the construction sites.

Without the use of these temporary fencing panels, the security of construction sites is vulnerable. In addition, theft, trespassing, and intervention of herding animals become very common when these temporary fencing panels are not installed around the construction sites. The installation process has been discussed briefly below.

Construction Fence Panels

Marking The Perimeter for Construction Fence Panels

The demarcation of the perimeter is the prerequisite for installing construction fence panels. These temporary fencing panels are the most robust security cover for construction sites. In addition, these panels will prevent the theft of expensive equipment by keeping trespassers and unauthorized persons away from construction sites.

You must be very careful during the demarcation process as it will act as a security baseline for your construction site. With an inch-perfect marking, you can secure the construction sites. The marking should be carried out using digital instruments such as theodolite. The use of digital instruments is preferable as they offer higher levels of accuracy.

On the other hand, conventional methods of marking the perimeter of the site are based on manual computations. The manual methods have many drawbacks. These methodologies are marred with human errors. Thereby, the digital instruments have taken the lead in marking the line for installing temporary fencing panels.

The digital instrument will pinpoint the location of all the temporary fencing panels. You can then use flag poles or pegs to mark the start and end points of the fencing panels all around the perimeter. During the demarcation for construction fence panels, you must thoroughly check the marked points after the marking has been done.

In this manner, you can ensure that no point around the boundary of the construction site gets skipped. However, in the case of manual markings, many points are left unattended, and they act as a gateway for trespassers and unauthorized persons to get into the premises of the construction sites. Therefore, the ideal arrangement is to mark the fencing points using digital instruments.

Installation Of Base Units

After the marking step, next comes the installation process. The construction fence panels are a combination of two components. First comes the base component and then the temporary fencing panels. The base component of the fencing panels is of great importance as they form the foundation for a sturdy fencing arrangement.

The base components are made of either concrete or recycled PVC. Each base component must be installed at the designated marking to ensure the best applications of temporary fencing panels. If the concrete or recycled PVC components are not placed correctly, it will impact the installation process, and the fencing panels will be installed irregularly.

The temporary fencing panels are placed over these base components. Therefore, it is critical to install the base components of the construction fence panels with great precision. The accurate installation of the fencing panels will expedite the whole security arrangement process.

Construction Fence Panels

Installation Of Construction Fence Panels

The installation of the construction fence panels Chicago is carried out after the base components have been placed. The fencing panels are affixed with the base components by using connection bolts. Furthermore, fencing clamps connect every individual fence with the other fence. These fencing clamps will increase the collective strength of the fencing panels, making them sturdy.

Two connections are established during this process. Firstly, the temporary fencing panels are connected with the base material. Afterward, all the fencing panels are connected to form a robust security mechanism. However, the installation process still needs to be completed.

Many experienced thieves can remove the construction fence panels and get away with them. Therefore, anti-lift protection and storm braces are the final components installed on these fencing panels to prevent theft incidents.

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