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Securing Construction Sites with Construction Fence Panels

Residential construction site losses of heavy machinery, building materials, office vans, and supplies make for a 1-2 percent rise in the cost of building a new home every year. In a separate survey, researchers have found that more than half of project leaders and workers had equipment and machinery stolen in the previous 12 months. In the previous three years, 77% of that group indicated they had been theft victims up to five times per year. Therefore, you need construction fence panels for perimeter security.

A perimeter fence is not only the natural answer to this problem, but it is also frequently necessary by law on building sites. eps has been a trusted partner in managing projects worldwide for decades. We offer custom fencing solutions so you can safeguard your sites without issues.

As a construction firm’s owner or project manager, you are responsible for the safety and protection of the machinery, materials, structures, and other miscellaneous goods. These things are frequently on or around the location.

Therefore, you’re probably looking for strategies to achieve that aim while staying within your budget. As a result, you’ll need inexpensive and easy measures to keep trespassers out while limiting your liability. This is when you can use construction fence panels for perimeter security.

Construction Fencing and Perimeter Security

Construction fences can vary based on the needs of each job site. Chain-link fence panels are among the most basic and straightforward construction fencing solutions. You can use sandbags to weigh them down. These construction fence panels los angeles act as a deterrent that an open location just cannot.

You may have been on a construction site with no barriers or fences. So, you’re aware of how simple it is for anyone to come up and go into areas they shouldn’t be. These panels are simple to put together. Furthermore, they offer a simple approach to start strengthening your job security measures. Therefore, they are quite popular. They do a wonderful job of keeping users away from your site.Construction Fence Panels

Thefts and vandals will be unable to access your building supplies and equipment if you use such panels. Building fencing can also be ideal for other purposes on the construction site. These panels are lightweight and portable. Therefore, construction fence panels are an excellent choice when you need some boundaries for anything else.

You may need to ensure that some members of your team or contractors do not go where they are not authorized. Therefore, a construction fence is an option. You may build zones this way. These zones will ensure that persons entering them have all of the necessary protective gear and tools for the work. The use of fencing is advantageous for construction sites.

  • Preventing the theft of equipment
  • Keeping trespassers and herding animals away from the construction site
  • Securing the perimeter of the site
  • Keeping trespassers away from dangerous excavations

Limit Access to Dangerous Areas

When creating something new, you may need to demolish something or dig trenches or holes. Did you realize that falls account for a quarter of all construction fatalities? Therefore, you must ensure that none of your workers or subcontractors slip into such gaps.

Furthermore, you must ensure that they do not become trapped in regions potentially harmful to unauthorized persons. People often use orange cones and caution tapes to mark such areas. However, these may not be sufficient. In situations like this, erecting construction fence panels to prevent accidents is simple.

Certain portions of the job site may need to be restricted to a small number of individuals at times. Inspectors or senior management may be among these individuals. While you wait for someone to sign or permission, you don’t want anything to alter. So, you may seal off such areas for everyone. With the aid of construction fencing, you can enable the most important individuals to enter such areas.

Construction fence panels can offer enhanced access to your job site. You can limit entry and also ensure a proper flow of traffic. Moreover, you can keep people away from dangerous areas and limit the number of accidents.Construction Fence Panels

Choosing the Right Construction Fence Panels

The appropriate fence for your project depends on the duration of the project and the quantity of daily activity. Fence panels are available in a range of styles. These are different from chain-link fencing. However, the most popular alternative is chain link.

We provide high-quality construction fence panels at an affordable price to cover perimeters. Moreover, these panels provide an excellent security barrier surrounding building sites. This is the most common method of temporary security.

Steel panels and wood panels are two other alternatives. For increased security, such construction fence panels can be ideal in conjunction with chain-link fencing. Typically, timber and metal alternatives are reserved for vacant lots or projects that will take a long time to complete.

Why Choose Us?

eps takes pride in offering the best construction fence panels in Chicago. Contractors understand that theft is more than just a requirement to acquire extra materials or equipment. It might result in project delays and dissatisfied consumers. As a result, this may have an even greater negative impact on your bottom line.

Don’t take any chances. Partner with a perimeter security specialist, such as eps, immediately to ensure that all of your bases are covered. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll pick up a few items on your way to another store. There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to building best practices.

We offer the best construction fence panels in Los Angeles and Chicago. Our fencing options can take care of your needs and offer enhanced security. Therefore, you won’t have to look elsewhere for your needs. Contact us now.