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Significance of Temporary Road Mats

Understanding the Importance of Temporary Road Mats

A mega event involves thousands of people as attendees. Therefore, the grass surface of any large-scale outdoor event is prone to a significant amount of damage. Moreover, outdoor events have uneven turf surfaces making it extremely difficult for wheelchair participants to attend. Therefore, temporary road mats are the only viable and hassle-free solution to manage these events.

An event manager cannot succeed without using these temporary mats. These mats provide a safety feature by reducing the incidents of trip hazards. Moreover, these temporary mats can withstand loads of heavy machinery of the construction industry. Construction machinery usually gets stuck in the soil surface.

Therefore, the construction industry needs the services of temporary road mats to provide a uniform and high strength. It will allow the passage of heavy machinery easily without causing any deformation to the underlying soil surface. The machinery can easily move on the surface of these mats.

Hence, we cannot downplay the importance of these temporary mats both for large-scale events and the construction sector. These mats make the event safe and are considered an integral part of event management. Moreover, it is a go-to tool for construction companies as it enhances their workflow in a streamlined manner.

Types of Temporary Road Mats


There are a great number of options in regards to temporary road mats. Every type of these temporary mats has its pros and cons. However, they are durable and strong enough to withstand heavy loads. Let us discuss some of the best temporary mats:

HD Panels

This road mat is chiefly made up of strand-cast aluminum. The material is durable enough to counter heavy loads and protect the underlying turf and soil surface from damage. Moreover, it is also slip-resistant, making it an easy walking platform for the attendees of an event.

These mats provide an even surface and cover uneven surfaces to make it easy for construction machinery and other heavy vehicles to move over. It is easy to install and dismantle.

ArmorDeck 3

These dynamic temporary road mats are made up of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The high-density material gives it higher strength to withstand heavy loads of crowd and construction machinery. These mats have a sand-blasted surface that exhibits a non-slip surface. Therefore, it is perfect for both events and the construction sector.

Box Panels

These are heavily layered panels of road mats with strand-cast aluminum as the primary constituent. The average weight of each panel is 300 kg, and being heavily layered, it can withstand heavy construction machinery, ensuring the safety of the underlying turf and soil surface.

LD Rolls

LD rolls are road mats similar to box panels as they are also made up of strand-cast aluminum. However, these LD panels are greater in length, with a single panel having a length of 20 m. Therefore, you only have to roll them out to install them. Similarly, the dismantling process is straightforward by packing the rolls again.

These temporary mats are heavy and can manage load without undergoing any deformation. Moreover, the sturdy surface connects with the shoes of persons walking on these mats. Hence, it reduces the chances of trip hazards due to the interlocking feature.

Advantages of Temporary Road Mats


There are countless advantages of using temporary road mats for your events and construction needs. Let us highlight some key advantages. First and foremost, these mats are easy to install as they come in standard sizes. They can be connected easily, forming a strong surface protecting the underlying grass and soil surface.

Similarly, the dismantling process of these temporary mats is also straightforward and does not require any professional expertise. You can uninstall them easily and stack them together. Furthermore, these temporary mats are also slip-resistance owing to the surface texture.

These mats are long-lasting and durable, withstanding heavy loads without significant deformation. The temporary road mats provide an even surface allowing equal easy access to wheelchair participants.

Applications of Temporary Road Mats

Temporary road mats find applications in a wide range of fields. First and foremost, these temporary mats are a primary unit for outdoor events. They play a pivotal role in making an event safe and secure. Moreover, for public gatherings, like a musical event, we are bound to use these temporary mats to provide attendees with a comfortable and even walking surface.

The temporary road mats find vast application in the construction industry. The heavy machinery of the construction industry can easily damage the soil surface. Therefore, these temporary heavy-duty mats protect the soil surface from deterioration. Furthermore, the machinery can easily move over the surface of these rigid mats.

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