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Temporary Privacy Fence Chicago for Secure Event

Importance Of Temporary Privacy Fence

Privacy and safety are of paramount importance for indoor or outdoor events. Therefore, it is essential to place necessary arrangements to fence the place of the event. Lately, there have been hundreds of events of violence and trespassing in large-scale events. The early reports of those events highlighted a lack of fencing arrangements. Therefore, a temporary privacy fence can fulfill the need for all types of events.

Furthermore, the safety of the attendees of an event is the topmost priority of the host. Hence, they have to ensure that there is no outer hindrance in the event. For that purpose, the event planners must enclose an area so that unwanted people or stray animals cannot get in. A temporary privacy fence comes to the rescue for these kinds of situations. It is the best-suited option due to its excellent results and diverse applicability.

Owing to the above-mentioned reasons, one cannot rule out the usage of temporary fences for any event. These fences will ensure the maximum safety of the attendants apart from securing the event’s parameters.

Features Of Privacy Fences


Temporary fences are products with the ability to withstand wear and tear. It is a rough and tough fence to restrict the intrusion of outsiders. Therefore, it is significant to use the right kind of material to bear the load and conditions. Moreover, the fence’s dimensions also play an integral role in determining its effectiveness.

The height of a fence is very crucial to ensure its applicability fully. If the height is lower, it would be easy for the outsiders to climb it. Thus, the odds may increase that your event might turn into chaos. On the other hand, the intruders will not climb the temporary fence if its height is more than their climbing capacity.

A temporary privacy fence is made up of galvanized steel material. In addition to the steel poles, the center of the fence comprises steel mesh. The whole manufacturing of steel fences makes it a rough and tough material to repel any untoward incident.

The height of the fence is nearly 2 meters making it difficult to climb it. Moreover, each fence comes in a standard size panel. A typical panel’s length, width, and height are 3.50 m, 0.04 m, 2.00 m, respectively. A single panel of temporary privacy fence weighs 16 kg.

The base of a fence is usually made up of concrete. Therefore, it can bear a sufficient load and stay in its place without any deterioration. The base is a significant part of temporary fence installation since it is the component on which the fence rests. Hence, concrete serves the purpose of imparting the highest possible strength.

Advantages Of Temporary Privacy Fence


The advantages of using a temporary fence for an event are countless. The top advantage is that it ensures maximum security for the event attendees from the outsiders. Moreover, it outlines the whole area of the event. A temporary privacy fence is made from galvanized steel. Therefore, it can easily counter any load and outside activity.

The temporary fence comes in the form of panels. Each panel is of standard size and weight. Hence, it is effortless to install these temporary fence panels owing to their lightweight structure. In addition, these panels are interconnected, making a uniform and unified border around the event. This interconnection between the panels increases the strength of the fence. Clumps are used to connect the panels of the fence.

Like installation, the dismantling process of a temporary privacy fence is also straightforward. It takes even less time and effort to dismantle these temporary steel fences than install them. The material of these fences is fireproof. Thereby, it reduces the chances of any fire-related incident.

Applications Of Fences

Temporary fences find applications in regards to a wide range of purposes. These fences prove to be an essential part of any event. For example, musical events planners make these temporary steel fences a must in the to-do list. A musical event certainly attracts thousands of people. Hence, it is essential to make suitable arrangements using a temporary privacy fence.

Apart from musical and other mega-scale events, these temporary fences also find applications in the construction industry. There might be an ongoing construction project that has deep excavations. Therefore, it is for the safety of the general public to keep them from these sites. It is only possible if the site management uses a temporary privacy fence.

These fences will ensure the general public’s safety by keeping them at bay from these deep excavated construction sites. Moreover, rally organizers also use these fences to keep off agitated crowds. It prevents any mishap because of an angry mob and keeps the unwanted people away.

Why Choose Us?

A temporary fence is part and parcel of any event. Moreover, it is also applicable for use in the construction sector. Safety has been the most critical concern of event organizers, and they vow to ensure the complete security of the attendants. We provide a high-quality temporary privacy fence in Los Angeles and Chicago to meet the requirements of our honorable customers.

Our team of professional experts has tons of experience handling similar projects. They can ensure the maximum safety of an event using these temporary fences. Our team devises a robust plan to make your event successful.

Quality assurance is the core aspect of our team. We have a separate designated department to maintain the quality of a temporary privacy fence in Chicago and Los Angeles. Our sole aim is to meet customers’ requirements by maintaining quality standards and using the best available material.