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Temporary Road Mats Chicago: Protect the Soil Now

Temporary road mats provide a working area for construction equipment. Industrial mats, building mats, temporary road mats, and heavy machinery mats are various names for the same thing. Heavy machinery would have to trek through dirt, uneven soil, wet streams, or rocky areas if they didn’t have mats. These pieces of machinery include loaders, shovels, and trucks. Moreover, you can also build temporary highways and crossings with construction matting. Such temporary road mats let heavy machinery pass through any soil. Similarly, these provide a sturdy foundation. So, you may place heavy equipment on these mats. These will help complete any heavy-duty operation at hand.

Such mats are suitable for a firm surface for construction activities. Likewise, these mats assist in maintaining and protecting the natural ground. Furthermore, road mats provide a safe path for pedestrian or vehicular access. Similarly, these are also ideal for festivals. These also work well during a site’s building period.

Choosing the Right Temporary Road Mats


It’s critical to use the correct temporary matting system. It enables cost-effective job accessibility. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. As a result, developing a temporary or movable road solution might be expensive. Here are the topmost important factors to consider while selecting temporary road mats for your business.

  • Maximum Ground Protection: Temporary matting is ideal for outdoor applications. Similarly, you may use these mats for creating a makeshift road. Additionally, they are appropriate for automobiles, forklifts, excavators, and larger trucks.
    • Driving over temporary roadway mats will not cause considerable harm to the soil. This is true even with a large load. Therefore, you’ll need to choose road mats that provide the most protection. Furthermore, the mats you select should handle any weight without causing damage to the ground. So, opt for heavy-duty mats with the highest load-bearing capacity.
  • Easy to Install: The installation of modern mats is straightforward and quick. These are available with two or four-way connections. The easy-to-clean design on these mats lets you save time.
    • You can hose these down or sweep them with a wet mop. Therefore, you need to look for roadway mats that offer an easy installation. Similarly, these mats should offer an interlocking mechanism. This way, you can quickly assemble or dismantle them.
  • Affordable Price: Worksites, festivals, and interim access benefit from temporary roadway mats. There is a little grip on the top. Moreover, there is a huge grip on the base. Therefore, they are suitable for both automobile and pedestrian accessibility.
    • However, that doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune for such options. Therefore, the temporary road mats you choose should be affordable. EPS offers inexpensive solutions for all your events.

Temporary Access Road Construction


Does your organization use road mats? If not, you might be wondering what advantages they provide. The following are some reasons you should use mats in your construction.

The soil can be in danger due to the use of construction machinery. It may leave skid marks and ruts due to its weight. This is true when you drive the machinery through swampy, damp, or soft terrain. Moreover, the machinery may cause unstable soil to sink. As a result, it may change the area’s natural look.

  • Temporary road mats can assist in sustaining the weight of the machinery more effectively. Therefore, they assist rather than the soil performing all of the jobs. This aids in the preservation of the ecosystem. Therefore, the environment seems to be the same as it did before your gear arrived.
  • When the soil is damp, mushy, or the surface is unequal, your machinery may begin to slide. If your apparatus begins to sink, you’ll have to dig it out. This might take many hours. This causes delays in the project. Therefore, you can prevent these delays by installing the right mats.
  • When heavy machinery works on uneven soil, it can cause damage. The machinery may tilt, or the wheels may wear out faster. Temporary road mats support the weight of the machinery. Moreover, they also preserve it from wear and tear.

Technology and Road Matting


Temporary road mats give the necessary support for any construction site requirement. Experts design these mats to accommodate rubber-tired construction. Maintenance trucks, cranes, and many other sorts of equipment can all work with these. With such mats, your machine can cross the soft or delicate ground. Similarly, you can provide a temporary road substitute.

We can provide road mats for cars and pedestrians. This is possible thanks to modern technologies. Multifunctional anti-slip surfaces are also possible with these technologies. Modern mats can also withstand strong traffic of up to 80 tones.

Our mats are ideal for a range of landscapes and various machinery items. Our skilled experts can easily assist you in selecting the right mats for your project. Likewise, we can come up with a unique solution for you.

Compact and heavy-duty couplings are also available. You may use the connections to form a huge shielded area. Moreover, we can build quick and simple temporary road mats to install thanks to modern technology. You can also recycle these. As a result, you may be environmentally conscious while completing your job.

Why Choose Us?

We have a lot of expertise in temporary road mats in Chicago and Los Angeles for businesses. Our clients are from transmission systems, building equipment, and oil and gas industries. Moreover, we use field experience to create stronger, resilient, and lightweight matting materials.

Similarly, we understand that economic concerns for transportation, unloading, loading, installations, and evacuation are crucial in today’s competitive industry. We also recognize that ground conditions might differ dramatically from one location to another. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

So, we provide a wide range of matting kinds that may be required for a specific project. Contact us to talk about your temporary road mats in Los Angeles and Chicago.