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Using Portable Tent Flooring to Protect Event Flooring

Significance Of Portable Tent Flooring

The floor arrangement of an outdoor or indoor event is of paramount importance. It is because it will be the forefront of ease towards the events’ participants. Therefore, event planners do not neglect the importance of portable tent flooring to make an event successful for the hosts.

The turf in an outdoor event is the most vulnerable since it can get damaged due to the crowd of thousands of people. Moreover, the turf is damaged easily, and therefore, it is pertinent to make suitable flooring arrangements to protect the turf.

The flooring arrangement for an outdoor event is necessary because the turf surface is often uneven, and it can be a significant problem for both participants and wheelchair participants. The event will be equally accessible for wheelchair participants with proper portable flooring.

Hence, one cannot downplay the importance of portable tent flooring in any outdoor event. Moreover, the flooring system is equally beneficial to use indoors. To make the event go on seamless, you cannot afford to go without a temporary portable flooring system.

Types Of Portable Tent Flooring

There are scores of tent flooring available to carry out the events in the best possible manner. Let us briefly discuss some of the best types of tent flooring. They are as follows:

Armor Deck 1

This is the most widely used portable tent flooring owing to its diverse applicability. This flooring material is made up of hardened polythene with a UV stabilizer. The flooring mats have ribbed top surfaces, making them slip-resistant. Each standard panel of this flooring type is very light in weight. Therefore, it is straightforward to install and dismantle.

Logis Event Grip

This type of tent flooring is elementary to handle and can be laid out in different design patterns. It is made up of recycled polyethylene and can be given any design during the installation process. The best attribute of this flooring system is that it is perfectly suitable for pedestrians as they can walk on it without fearing trip hazards.

Moreover, the flooring arrangement provides an even moving surface to the wheelchair participants. This type of flooring system can withstand heavy loads without any significant deformation.

Porta Floor

This portable tent flooring is made up of polypropylene with a UV stabilizer. It can withstand any weathering conditions. The best attribute regarding this flooring arrangement is that it has tiny pores on the top surface.

These small pores on the surface allow air and light penetration to the underlying grass surface. In this way, the underlying turf will remain fresh. Moreover, these pores are small enough that they will not allow the passage of spilled liquids that may damage the grass.

Benefits Of Using Portable Tent Flooring


There are countless benefits of using portable tent flooring in outdoor and large-scale events. The top advantage of this flooring arrangement is that it is effortless to install since the material is very lightweight. Similarly, the dismantling process is also very straightforward.

It takes less time to cover a turf area with these temporary flooring arrangements. The tent flooring will ensure the protection of underlying grass, and at the time, it will provide ventilation and light to grass, keeping it fresh at all times.

The top surface of this tent flooring has been designed in such a manner to avoid trip hazards. Usually, trip hazards in an event are widespread and can cause injuries. Therefore, the ribbed top surface of the portable tent flooring makes it slip-resistant.

The portable flooring is also suitable to use on uneven surfaces. It will provide an even and smooth surface for the wheelchair participants, allowing equal access to the event. Many accidents of fire hazards have been reported in outdoor events.

This flooring arrangement is made up of those materials that do not ignite in case of a fire hazard. Therefore, these flooring units add up to the safety and security of the event.

Portable Tent Flooring as Necessity for Events

Portable tent flooring is an essential requirement for event planners whenever they are about to organize an outdoor event. Moreover, it is crucial to use these flooring arrangements in large-scale events involving thousands of people.

Without these flooring panels, you will be unable to protect the underlying grass surface from irreparable damage. Moreover, the comfortability of the participants is of sheer importance for event management.

You cannot provide a comfortable walking surface to the participants unless you do not use portable tent flooring. In addition, this flooring will be very beneficial for the wheelchair participants of the event.

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