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What Are Different Types of Crowd Barriers?

Event management is an uphill task that can change the flow of an event. It is the responsibility of event planners to ensure the smooth flow of operations of an event. However, untoward incidents and accidents are a common norm in crowded events. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange for some countermeasures to avert these situations. Crowd barriers are part of that preparation.

You cannot expect to control the crowds without using these temporary barriers. They are wonderful assisting tools in event management. Event planners can manage crowds effectively using these barricades. The role of these barriers is to manage the crowds and regulate the flow of operations in an event.

Furthermore, it is sometimes mandatory for some events to have a ticketed entrance. These barriers also play an important role in ensuring the entrance of only relevant persons, not unauthorized persons. You can use these barriers in conjunction with the access gates to prevent the entry of persons without tickets.

Keeping an event’s general public and performers apart is crucial in large-scale events. This separation will prevent the culmination of chaotic incidents in an event. For instance, you will have to separate the musical artists on the stage from the crowd. You can use these crowd barriers around the stage’s perimeter to secure the stages.

The following key points highlight the relevance of using crowd barricades in an event:

  • Ensuring the safety of attendees and performers in an event
  • Keeping the general public away from the restricted areas within an event
  • Controlling entry points at ticketed events

Considering the above observations, one cannot neglect the importance of crowd barricades. They are a necessary increment in an event. Without a barricade arrangement, event planners cannot ensure the safety of attendees and artists.Crowd Barriers3

Types Of Crowd Barriers: Police Barriers

Police barriers are one of the most widely used types of crowd barriers. They are ideal for managing small to medium crowds in events, public places, or crowded areas. The most intriguing aspect of police barriers is that they are extremely lightweight. Therefore, it is very easy to manage them. You can install them in a short period due to this chief attribute.

Galvanized steel piping is the core manufacturing element of these crowd barricades. The galvanized material is instrumental in making these barriers suitable for outdoor use. Furthermore, a firmly integrated plate at the base level is also incorporated into these barriers. This plate is ideal for people to stand on and enhances the barricades’ overall stability.

There are pre-fixed hooks with every unit of these police barricades. These hooks are used to connect these police barriers. Once connected, these crowd barriers will form a strong, dynamic line that can withstand heavy loads. Thereby, this interconnection of barricades will considerably enhance the barricade’s strength.

You can also use police barricades in an emergency where you must keep the public at a distance. The lightweight property of these barriers is the reason for their use in emergency cases, as they can be deployed quickly.

Bike Racks Barricade System

Bike racks are ideal for short-term usage. These crowd barriers are suitable for medium crowds in an event. They are lightweight. Thus, they are very easy to handle and will expedite the installation process in an event. Hot-dip galvanized steel is the chief constituent of bike racks. This manufacturing material is ideal for crowd barricades as it is a durable material.

Resultantly, these barricades will be durable and long-lasting. You can use them again and again for different events owing to their durability and diverse applications. These barricades are a perfect solution for delimiting certain areas with a restriction on crowds. Moreover, you can also use them along the walkways to safeguard pedestrians from fast-moving traffic.

These barriers are flexible and are also viable for uneven surfaces. Moreover, you can install these barricades by bolting them together. These crowd barriers are the best option when there is medium traffic at your event. You can easily manage an event effectively by utilizing these barricades.

GIGS Stage Barricades – Crowd Barriers

GIGS stage barricades are the toughest form of crowd barriers. They are mostly used for large-scale public or private events with high foot traffic density. It is the topmost solution for managing high crowds at an event. GIGS barricades can withstand heavy loads without even nudging an inch. The structure and composition of this barricade system make it a perfect choice for mega-events.

Furthermore, various types of crowd management are available, and you can choose the one per your event’s requirements. Every type of GIGS barricade has a different composition and specific applications. Hence, you can choose after considering your requirements.

Aluminum is the chief constituent of these GIGS barricades. It is a very high-strength and durable material. In addition, rust-proof is the key attribute of this manufacturing material. Therefore, you can use these barriers outdoors without any issues. Moreover, these barricades are also fire-proof, making them perfectly viable from a safety perspective.

These crowd barriers are a bit heavier than other types because of their complex composition. These barricades also have counter-top, which can be used for multitasking.

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