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What Are Different Types of GIGS Stage Barricades?

Significance Of GIGS Stage Barricades

GIGS stage barricades are the sturdiest type of barricades. There can be events when some general barricades fail to perform the job. For instance, a simple barricade system cannot prove effective in a musical concert where there are thousands of attendees.

For such extreme conditions, a comprehensive barricade system is a requirement. The barricade system of low to medium-level events cannot manage events where you have thousands of attendees. Hence, the type of barricade system varies per the event requirements. The number of attendees in an event plays a decisive role in selecting the type of barricade system.

Large-scale events require sturdy barricades that can withstand the pressure of crowds. A standard barricade system cannot contain an enormous crowd in a specific area. The crowd can easily overcome the barricade system if it is not strong enough.

Hence, we have to use special barricades for large-scale events. GIGS stage barricades are the topmost choice when you have to deal with events having high foot traffic. These barricades have high strength. Therefore, they can withstand heavy loads without undergoing any mismanagement.

One cannot turn a blind to these stage barricades for mega-events. These temporary barricades will provide comprehensive protection in an event. You can easily install them around the perimeter of the stage. Thus, the stage barricades will keep the crowds away from the performers. Resultantly, it will ensure the smooth flow of an event.

Stage barricades come with different types of elements. These elements enhance the working scope of stage barricades. For instance, you can use gate elements with this barricade system to secure the entry points of your event. Similarly, you can use multiple other elements to enhance the functionality of these stage barricades.

Types Of GIGS Stage Barricades

GIGS Stage Barricades

There are different types of GIGS stage barricades per the events’ requirements. Every type of barricade system has its special applications.

GIGS Straight

This stage barricade is an essential tool for the security and safety of the crowd. It is ideal for crowd management and area division. Furthermore, you can also use it around the perimeter of a stage. The diagonally running struts reinforce this barricade system.

These stage barricades have a strong foundation. Furthermore, you can easily configure them according to the stage layout of your event. Moreover, you can increase the scope of these temporary barricades by using different additional components.

GIGS Corner

GIGS corner barricade system comprises different angle variants. You can use these angle variants per your event’s requirements. It is mostly applicable at the corner points of stage lines where normal barricades fail to cover the area.

You can restrict the movement of the audience with these types of barricades. They will force the audience to the specific area within the angle sections.

GIGS T-Barricade

GIGS T-barricade comes into operation when you have to use 90o configurations in your event. These barricades provide a robust crowd management solution. Furthermore, you can also use these barricades at the junction points of your barricade arrangement.

These GIGS stage barricades are instrumental in encircling a specific area. In this way, you can ramp up the security of a particular area within an event.

GIGS Multicore Gate

You can connect the multicore gates with the stage barricades. Thus, you will be able to control the influx of attendees at the entry points of an event. Moreover, these gate elements will significantly enhance the stage barricades’ strength. This is an additional element that you can use with the stage barricades.

Advantages Of GIGS Stage Barricades

GIGS stage barricades have countless benefits owing to their sturdy structure. Firstly, these barricades are at the top of the list when you have to deploy a barricade arrangement in a mega-event. These barricades are strong and can manage an event’s high influx of attendees.

Furthermore, these barricades are easy to install. You can also connect them using a simple method to enhance the stability of these barricades. Moreover, GIGS stage barricades include additional components such as gates and screenings. You can use these additional components per your event’s requirements.

Stage barricades offer flexible arrangements. You can also use these barricades at corner points and curves.

Applications Of GIGS Stage Barricades

GIGS Stage Barricades

GIGS stage barricades are best for festivals, and musical concerts as these events have thousands of participants. Stage barricades are applicable for large-scale events. Moreover, they are also ideal for indoor and outdoor events with many attendees.

Furthermore, you can use these barricades for theatrical shows and fashion shows. These GIGS stage barricades will separate the performers and the audience. In this way, the event will go on without any disruption.

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