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Why You Need Temporary Road Mats?

Construction businesses benefit greatly from having road mats. Furthermore, these are perfect for enterprises that operate in isolated places without access to gravel or permanent road. To make a temporary road, you can put temporary road mats end to end. You can also link them as necessary. This will provide heavy trucks with the stability to travel safely and effectively.

The road mats provide access for heavy equipment to reach remote locations. Furthermore, big trucks may pass through these mats without destroying the existing ground or becoming trapped. These setbacks will significantly delay the project.

These thick road mats are significantly more durable than plywood for construction sites. Other solutions become slippery and fragmented over time, resulting in a massive mess once the project is over. On the other hand, road mats will last for generations.

The weight capacity of these mats varies significantly. This might make the installation more difficult or easier. A few persons can move the new temporary road mats around and set them in service if you go with lightweight options. A muddy field, a lawn, or a dirt track are all good candidates for such mats. Moving heavier mats into place will almost certainly necessitate a forklift.

What Are the Benefits of Road Matting?

Ground protection mats are ideal for construction sites, festivals, and temporary access. Ground protection has several advantages. The top of these road mats has a tiny grip, while the bottom has a huge grip. Therefore, they are suited for both automobile and pedestrian access.

Additionally, temporary road mats can shield the ground. The outdoor application is perfect for modern ground protection mats. These can be ideal as temporary highways since they can accommodate automobiles, forklifts, diggers, truck cranes, and vehicles weighing 80 tons.

You will not damage the soil by driving over a robust road mat with a big load. Furthermore, the ability to choose colors makes these mats ideal for outdoor and sporting activities.

Similarly, road mats are simple and fast to install. You can use 2- or 4-way connectors and build a lane of mats. Modern ground protection mats have an easy-to-clean pattern. Therefore, you can brush or wash these temporary road mats after using them.road mat

You can also reverse the anti-slip surface of temporary ground protection mats for maximum usage. Furthermore, they are appropriate for high traffic. The connections can also be ideal for creating a huge shielded area. These ground protection solutions are simple to set up. Furthermore, several businesses provide products that are 100% recyclable. Therefore, you may enjoy environmental friendliness while also preserving your property. The following are the topmost benefits of road matting:

  • Shielding the ground
  • Higher load-bearing capacity
  • 100% recyclable products
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multi-access system
  • Anti-slip surface

How Can Temporary Road Mats Help Your Business?

The use of road matting can help safeguard the environment. Construction machinery can cause environmental damage. When driving through muddy, damp, or soft ground, the equipment may create tire tracks and ruts due to its weight.

Moreover, the equipment may cause unstable soil to sink. This may affect the area’s natural look. Therefore, instead of the ground doing all the work, temporary road mats chicago can assist in better supporting the weight of the machinery. This helps with the preservation of the ecosystem. As a result, the environment seems to be the same as it did before your equipment arrived.

Moreover, you can avoid project delays by using road matting. When the ground is damp, the ground is soft, or the terrain is unequal, your equipment may sink. If your equipment sinks, you’ll have to dig it out or pull it out. This procedure might take many hours. Furthermore, this causes project delays, which you can avoid by employing road mats.

Temporary road mats can also protect your heavy machinery from harm. When construction equipment works on uneven soil, it can cause damage. The equipment may tilt, or the tires may wear out faster. Moreover, these road mats can support the weight of the construction equipment, which safeguards it from wear and damage.road mat

We Offer Different Types of Temporary Road Mats

When it comes to temporary road mats, there are several possibilities. Each of these temporary mats has advantages and disadvantages. However, they are resilient and powerful enough to support high weights. Let’s take a look at a few of the top temporary mats:

HD Panels: Most of this road mat is composed of strand-cast aluminum. The material is strong enough to withstand severe loads while protecting the underlying lawn and soil surface. It is also slip-resistant, making it a convenient walking surface for event guests.

ArmorDeck 3: We use high-density polyethylene to make these dynamic road mats. Its enhanced strength comes from the high-density material. Therefore, it can handle huge crowds and construction machines. The sand-blasted texture of these mats provides a non-slip surface. So, it’s ideal for both events and the construction industry.

Box Panels: The principal element of these densely stacked temporary road mats is strand-cast aluminum. Each panel weighs 300 kg on average. Since it is layered, it can endure heavy construction machines while protecting the underlying turf and soil surface.

Why Choose Us?

Our staff can swiftly and efficiently handle all parts of your mat installation since they are site access professionals. We only utilize the best temporary road mats Los Angeles that are safe and long-lasting. It’s something we do every day.

Because of our experience, you’ll have a limited influence on the environment around the access roads and pads. Reduced repair costs and overall project efficiency are the product of our experience, technology, and correct matting.

We’ll work with you to ensure you have the right temporary road mats in Los Angeles. Therefore, our specialists will assess the job nature, the equipment, the soil conditions, and other considerations.

Our mat suggestions may include a mix of mat types based on those considerations. Our mat installation crew will swiftly and efficiently install your access roads and work pads. You will save both time and money with eps by your side.