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What Is Crowd Control Fencing?

Crowd control fencing California panels deal with a wide range of events. These fencing panels are easy to install and dismantle. The lightweight property of these fencing panels enhances the installation process. Furthermore, crowd fencing is an integral part of site management.

Our crowd control barriers in California help to commence safe events. They ensure comprehensive security of events while efficiently managing the crowds. Moreover, they will also prove helpful in demarcating limits within an event area.

Furthermore, we also provide crowd control bike rack barricades in California. These bike rack barricades will ensure better crowd management in large-scale events. Our barricade system is ideal for effectively managing an event or site.

Due to their lightweight, these barriers are suitable for temporary delimitations. You can also subdivide a larger area using this crowd control fencing California per your requirements. Our crowd barriers are also viable for use in sporting events. In sporting events, they will separate athletes from the general public.

Product Features for Crowd Control Fencing

Galvanized steel is the chief constituent of these safety and crowd control barriers in California. There are several materialistic properties of using galvanized steel. The color of our crowd control barricades is light silver. Therefore, this color of fencing provides a better visual for event delimitation.

The galvanized steel provides rust-proof properties. Therefore, you can use them for outdoor events. The weight of these fencing panels ranges from 17 to 18 kilograms. Moreover, these temporary panels range from 2.35 meters to 2.50 meters.

The width and height of our light silver fencing is 0.03 meter (2 in) and 1.20 meters (48 in), respectively. Galvanized steel is a fire-proof material. Therefore, it will not cause any fire-related incidents in events. Moreover, the durability of crowd control fencing will significantly enhance the durability factor.

These materialistic properties set these fences apart from other products. We use racks to deliver transport grid elements. Our transportation does not include bulk material. It is to deliver the product intact and without any defect. We use racks comprising 20 grid elements for transport. Lastly, we also provide construction and disassembling of crowd control fencing in California per the customers’ directives.

Crowd Control Fencing: Did You Know?

Our crowd control fencing is easy to handle and install. The lightweight feature of these fences helps in easy installation. Furthermore, the dismantling process is also straightforward. We take responsibility for the quick erection process of these fences.

These fencing panels enhance adaptability. Furthermore, we only allow 20 grid elements for transportation. This arrangement in transportation allows the delivery of fencing panels without any damage. The transportation becomes seamless even on bumpy festival routes.

We also use a forklift to transport these fencing panels from one place to another within the event. Moreover, our organization provides tailored solutions per the customers’ requirements. We have a diverse product range of crowd control fencing in California. Hence, you can use different types of crowd fencing per your event’s requirements.

We also offer different alternatives for events depending on the number of participants. Our fencing products have different use depending on the events.

What Are the Advantages of Crowd Control Fencing?

  • Economical solution to protecting construction sites
  • Cost-effective solution for event protection
  • Drop and lock connection system for enhanced strength
  • Easy installation and dismantling process
  • Best to block access for temporary road closures
  • Advertisement and marketing purposes
  • GIGS stage barricades are more suitable when there is heavy loading

Best Practice

Crowd control fencing has a global outreach. They are ideal to use at entrance points of festivals like “Parookaville” and “Rock am Ring.”

Optional Extras for Crowd Control Fencing

The crowd control fencing is available in two different variants. You can either have a plug-in or fixed feet fencing panels. However, selecting the type of fence will depend on your event’s requirements. Furthermore, we also provide rolls that can help you transform a simple fencing arrangement into a moveable safety gate.

This safety gate will enhance the security at the entrance points of events. You can follow a set of simple steps to achieve this transformation. Moreover, you also have the benefit of using our fencing with other barricade systems, such as GIGS Stage barricades. This combination will significantly enhance the security of an event.

We also provide custom design covers that are ideal for advertisement purposes. These design covers make the fencing arrangement visually attractive. Our flexible crowd control barriers in California can make the event safe and secure to a maximum extent.

What Are the Useful Extensions for Crowd Control Fencing?

  • Safety Gates at entrance points
  • Vehicle Access gates
  • Compatible use with GIGS Stage barricades and temporary fencing
  • Pedestrian Crossing gates

Applications For Crowd Control Fencing

  • Delineation of temporary walkways
  • Crowd control fencing for temporary road closures
  • Area division within an event
  • Protecting Construction Sites
  • Festivals
  • Public Gatherings
  • Sporting Events
  • Stadiums and Large-scale Events
  • Conferences
  • Demonstrations and Riots