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What Are Police Barricades Illinois?

The police barricades in Illinois are an absolute necessity for law-and-order situations. These police barricades find applications in large-scale events, festivals, public gatherings, demonstrations, protests, and sporting events.

These police barricades are perfectly viable for temporary delimitations. Furthermore, these police barricades are also instrumental in separating different people in an event. They also limit or restrict the crowd to a specific area.

The police security barricade provides a multitude of crowd management solutions. Furthermore, these police barricades in Illinois also find applications in city streets, festivals, stadiums, and greenfield sites.

Our police metal barricade offers excellent stability to counter high foot traffic. Furthermore, these barricades can effectively control huge crowds in large-scale events. Our police barricades have a huge base plate that serves as a stable surface for standing. Thus, the attendees of an event can stand on the base platforms of these barricades.

We provide these robust police barricades for large-scale events that significantly enhance the security of these events. Regardless of the type of event, these barricades find perfect applications. They are perfectly viable for temporary delimitations of specific areas.

Furthermore, the temporary police barricades will keep the trespassers away from the site of an event. Moreover, these barricades protect the entrance areas of different locations or events.

Product Features for Police Barricades

Our police barricades in Illinois have a unique interlocking feature. Due to this inter locking attribute, these barricades form a strong demarcation line around the perimeter of an event. Furthermore, our barricades are also applicable with temporary gates and mobile fencing.

The flat platform of these barricades offers a stable base that the participants of an event can use. They can use these flat platforms for standing. Under the footfall of spectators, these police barricades become more stable and more robust.

The handling process of these barriers is comfortable due to their lightweight. Our silver-grey police metal barricade has an overall weight of 34.5 kilograms. The length, width, and depth of these barricades are 1.10 meters (43 in), 2 meters (79 in), and 0.94 (37 in), respectively.

Galvanized steel is the manufacturing material of these police barricades. The galvanized steel provides higher strength, fire-proof, and rust-proof properties to these barricades. The rust-proof attribute makes these temporary barricades durable.

It also enhances the stability of these temporary barricades. We use grid elements to transport these barricades, with each grid comprising 25 units. They are transported, keeping in view the conditions for optimal loading. Furthermore, we are open to offering our services per the customers’ requirements. We also take care of the installation and dismantling processes per the customers’ directions.

Police Barricades: Did You Know?

The transport efficiency of these police barricades is enhanced significantly with the use of 25 units grid system. Furthermore, it enhances the convenience of logistics for construction sites. A semi-truck trailer incorporates 500 meters of linear barricades.

Our team can transport these police barricades without any hindrance. Moreover, we also use a forklift for transportation purposes. Our barriers are lightweight and high-pressure bearing simultaneously. Hence, it enhances the speed of construction and effectively manages the crowd.

The flat tread surface attached to the barricades increases the stability of these barricades. Moreover, it also makes the installation and dismantling processes easy. The rigid designs of these barricades do not undergo wear and tear regardless of the conditions.

Furthermore, we also provide hooked-in elements and cable ties to enhance security. These cable ties, along with the police barricades, prevent unwanted people away from the restricted area.

What Are the Advantages of Police Barricades?

  • A viable option for delineation of sites
  • Handling light crowd loading
  • Quick to use and dismantle over a large area
  • For high-loading crowds, eps offer GIGS Stage barricades.

Best Practice

Police barricades are the most stable elements in an event protection mechanism. They are extensively used in large-scale events, festivals, demonstrations, public processions, and sporting events.

Optional Extras for Police Barricades

These police barricades are perfectly ideal for crowd management solutions. You can use our other barrier systems to use with barricades. It will significantly enhance the security of your event. You can use GIGS Stage barricades for high foot traffic in connection with police barricades.

However, this connection will require the need of universal adapters. You can make this connection in a few simple steps. Regardless of the type of event, our barricades are perfect for getting the job done. They will keep the trespassers away from the event. Moreover, they will also restrict the people to their respective areas.

What Are the Additional Extensions for Police Barricades?

  • Erection of unique configurations per the requirements
  • Crowd control barriers
  • Temporary fences for privacy and protection

Applications For Police Barricades

  • Temporary Walkways
  • Queuing Lanes in Outdoor Events
  • Temporary Closure of Roads
  • Restricted Area Marking
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Processions
  • Demonstrations
  • Construction Sites
  • Races
  • Sporting Events
  • Carnivals
  • Stadium Events
  • Conferences