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What Are Police Barricades California?

The Police Barricades California are a vital instrument in protecting an event. They are suitable for various events such as sports, festivals, processions, and demonstrations. Police barriers are the best way to create limitations around an area or site.

You can restrict people to a specific area in an event using these barricades. Moreover, a police security barricade is essential to separate different groups of people in an event. For instance, these barricades separate spectators and athletes in sports events.

Our barriers provide robust crowd control solutions in large-scale events. Moreover, they are also suitable for public gatherings and road closures. These barriers offer a higher level of stability in high foot traffic events.

The police barricades are viable for temporary delimitations of events. Furthermore, they serve a great purpose by keeping trespassers away from the site of an event. The barriers will also prevent theft incidents in an event.

You can secure different types of events using our robust crowd management barriers. These barricades also assist the security staff in keeping the event safe and secure. Furthermore, the Police Barricades California protect the entry and exit points of an event.

Product Features of Police Barricades

The Police Barricades California have an interlocking connection system. Hence, the installation process of these barricades is very easy. Similarly, the disassembling process is also very straight forward. The lightweight material is the chief property of these temporary barricades.

Due to the interlocking, these barricades form a strong barricade around the premises of an event. Our barricades are also compatible to use with mobile fencing. Moreover, you can also use our barricades with security gates to enhance the effectiveness.

The firm and flat base of these barricades provides a stable surface for the attendees of an event. A higher footfall can enhance the stability of these barricades. The handling of these barricades is easy and hassle-free.

Our police metal barricade weighs around 34.5 kilograms (76 lbs.). Thus, this lightweight barricade is very easy to install and dismantle anytime. The width, height, and depth of these barricades are 2 meters (79 in), 1.10 meters (43 in), and 0.94 meters (37 in), respectively.

The galvanized steel piping is the major constituent in manufacturing these barricades. This material is rust-proof. Thus, it enhances the durability of these police barricades California. We use 25 units for transportation of these barricades. Lastly, we provide constriction and dismantling services for police barricade panels.

Police Barricades: Did You Know?

We ensure higher efficiency in the transportation process using a rack of 25 units. The convenience of transportation ensures that the product is free from damage. We use 500 linear meters on a semi-trailer truck for transportation.

Furthermore, we also use forklift trucks to transport these police barricades safely. The lightweight feature of these temporary barricades assists in streamlining the installation process. Furthermore, it will also enhance the speed of the dismantling process.

Our police barriers can effectively manage the crowd. These barricades can resist high pressure from the crowds. Moreover, there is a firm base with every panel of these barricades. The base increases the stability of these police barricades California. Furthermore, this base also acts as a tread surface for visitors.

The rigid structure of these barricades makes them durable. Furthermore, we also provide hooked-in grid elements to cover the open spaces within the barricades. In this way, one will not have to pay heed to slip-through incidents.

What Are the Benefits of Police Barricades California?

  • Effective in managing light crowd loading
  • Viable tool for temporary delimitation of an area
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • GIGS Stage Barricades are more feasible for high crowd loading

Best Practice

Police barricades provide higher stability in crowd management. They are suitable for use in many public and private events.

Optional Extras for Police Barricades

Police Barricades California are an ideal solution for crowd management in large-scale events. You can extend these barricades with our other systems, such as GIGS Stage barricades, for better results. A combination of different barricades will significantly increase the security of your event. You can use the combination per your event’s requirements.

You can connect these barricades with other systems using our universal adapters. Furthermore, we will also provide a detailed guidelines to do this connection. Ideally, these barricades are most suitable for a medium-density crowd.

What Extensions Do We Have for Police Barricades?

  • Crowd Control Barriers
  • Temporary Fences
  • Customized dimensions of barricades are available to meet the special requirements.

Applications For Police Barricades California

  • Management of Queuing Lanes
  • For Demarcating Temporary Walkways
  • For Temporary Road Closures
  • Demonstrations
  • Processions and Public Rallies
  • Festivals
  • Sports Events
  • Carnivals
  • Construction Sites
  • Subdivision of an Area