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Our stage barricades in Toronto are most favorable for large-scale events. Moreover, they are ideal for deployment at live events. They are best for crowd management, where you have a higher influx of attendees in an event. They have a high bearing capacity, and the connection between alternate barricades makes them rigid. Furthermore, the connection also enhances the stability of these barricades.

You can easily bolt these barricades together. Furthermore, you can also use emergency gates, GIGS security gates, and back steps with these stage barricades. Practically, this system of barricades is ideal for complex configurations. You can also manage cable runs with these barricade systems.

Why Choose Stage Barricades?

Event organizers consider the safety and security of attendees and performers as the topmost priorities. Therefore, the stage barricades are the first option for managing large-scale events. These barricades are suitable when dealing with an event’s massive influx of attendees. You can control the crowd in their respective locations using these barricades.

These barricades are best applicable when you use them at the front of the stage. That is the reason behind the name of stage barricades in Toronto. Our barricades will help to keep the people in their respective areas. Thus, barricades will delimit that specific area of an event.

Modular System

Our modular system of stage barricades in Toronto protects every person within the premises of the event. Furthermore, these barricades also play an important role in protecting the equipment of an event. These barricades will keep the trespassers away from the site of your event. Hence, our barricade system meets all the requirements of event management.

Tested To the Highest Standards

We test our stage barricades according to international standards. The testing is mandatory as it will let us know if there are any loopholes in production. Furthermore, our organization has a track record of managing large-scale events without disruption.

Our barricade systems ensure the safety of attendees and the performers of an event. They will help to keep the people in their respective areas.

Stage Barricades Series: For Flexible Configurations

We provide different modules of stage barricades in Toronto. The application of every type of barricade system varies per the event’s requirements. These barricades’ length, depth, and height are 1.09 meters, 1.25 meters, and 1.18 meters, respectively.

Moreover, our single-stage barricade weighs around 40 kilograms. We use welded aluminum components for our barricade systems. The aluminum components enhance the durability and stability of these temporary barricades.

Corners, Curves, And More
You can have different combination systems for these barricades. We offer limitless configurations of stage barricades to meet specific requirements. Following are some of the events you can use with these barricade systems.

  • Vario
  • Flex Curve Element
  • T-Barricade
  • Corner
  • Level Piece

Compensation For Uneven Surfaces
You can use these combinations with stage barricades to make them suitable for different ground conditions. Generally, it is difficult to utilize these barricades over uneven surfaces. The extra components will also allow you to manage the height of these barricades per your event’s requirements.

Stage Gates: Access for Cables, Vehicles, People

We also provide different options for doors and other passage systems to sue with these barricades. It will significantly enhance the security of an event. You can connect gates with stage barricades using universal connectors. These gates are a viable option for managing security checks of heavy vehicles.

Crew Access and Cable Runs

We offer the multicore access gate (MAG) and the mega multicore access gate (Mega MAG). You can sue these robust and powerful gates with stage barricades in Toronto per your event requirements. These access gates will allow the crew to access FoH without any hassle.

Stage Barricades Elements: Back Steps, Counters, Protection

We provide several complementary systems with our stage barricades in Toronto. You can easily connect these additional elements with barricades without any difficulty. You can create platforms for the security team by using back step and back step curve elements.

These platforms offer a better view of the crowd, and thus, it is suitable for the event’s security. Moreover, the performers of an event can use platforms with corners and bends.

Visibility And Sales Counters

Appropriate visibility is a significant requirement when you are up for sales counters in an event. Higher visibility is possible when using these transparent barricades of a greater height. You can also use these effective stage barricades to subdivide different areas in an event.

You can use our GIGS Bar Top to convert it into a sturdy counter for sales. Therefore, you can use these countertops for sales purposes without any issue.

Individually Tailored Barricade Solutions

We provide a wide range of products regarding event management. Furthermore, we also offer tailored solutions per the customers’ requirements, such as in:

  • Bumpy sites of festivals
  • Large arenas
  • Musical Concerts
  • Conferences

Our diverse elements enhance the stability of barricade systems. We can also provide tailored solutions per the customers’ directives.