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What Is Temporary Event Fencing California?

Our temporary event fencing is a viable option for outdoor and indoor events. This fencing arrangement is suitable for securing an event’s area temporarily. Moreover, this fencing mechanism will also prove instrumental in protecting against theft incidents.

Therefore, you can use temporary event fencing for construction sites, storage yards, or live events. The fencing arrangement will protect the equipment within the premises of these events. Temporary fencing is a crucial element from a security perspective of an event.

You can use our mobile fencing at different locations per your requirements. A construction site, railway lines, or public events need protection from trespassers. Thus, it is only possible with temporary event fencing California.

These event fences are equally applicable for large-scale and small-scale events. Subdivision of a more extensive area into smaller areas is possible with these temporary event fences. The subdivision is also necessary when you have to restrict people to a particular site.

The temporary event fencing is also referred to as construction fence panels because it was initially designed to secure the perimeters of construction sites. These temporary fences for rent will prevent the intervention of unwanted people in an event. Furthermore, providing visual orientations is another critical advantage of using temporary fencing.

Product Features of Temporary Event Fencing

eps is the supplier of temporary event fencing panels with mesh-wired structures. We also offer anti-climb models to prevent trespassers from climbing the temporary fencing. Our manufacturing department provides fences of custom dimensions too.

Galvanized steel is the primary manufacturing component of these fences. It is a fire-proof and rust-proof material. Thus, using galvanized material will enhance the durability of outdoor event fencing. Our stock comprises wire mesh and steel walls of these fencing panels.

Moreover, we provide temporary fencing of different sizes. We also offer two different variants of bases for our temporary event fencing. One is the concrete base which offers higher stability. On the other hand, we also provide a recycled PVC base that is easier to handle.

Our event fencing panel weighs around 16 kilograms. Therefore, the installation and dismantling processes are very straightforward. Furthermore, the width and height of an event fencing panel are 3.50 meters (138 in) and 2 meters (79 in), respectively.

You can enhance the shielding of this temporary fence rental by various methods. You can mount a smaller fence over the standard-sized fencing panel. These galvanized steel fencing panels provide higher stability regardless of their conditions.

Our packaging unit comprises a stone pallet and a fencing pallet. Moreover, we can take care of the transportation, installation, and dismantling processes per the customers’ directives.

Temporary Event Fencing: Did You Know?

There are countless advantages of utilizing temporary event fencing for your events. You can quickly erect these fencing panels and can remove them whenever required. The lightweight property of this temporary event fencing streamlines the installation and disassembling processes.

However, it is ideal to use low transport capacity to keep the temporary fences for rent intact and scratchless. These construction fences form a robust barricade system when you restrict them along the boundary of an event.

Adaptability and versatility are the key features of using these temporary fences. We at eps also offer a wide range of accessories that you can use with these temporary fencing panels to enhance their durability and effectiveness.

What Are the Advantages of Temporary Event Fencing?

  • Easy installation and dismantling process
  • Use GIGS Stage barricades for high loading.

Best Practice

Temporary event fencing is perfectly viable for all types of events. It has been successful at global events like “Carnival in Cologne” and the public festival “Rock am Ring.”

Optional Extras for Temporary Event Fencing

We provide various accessories with temporary event fencing. Our manufacturing department provides clamps, connection plates, struts, and chains with locks to enhance the capacity of temporary event fencing. Furthermore, we also offer a wide range of choices for flags and banners that you can use with event fencing.

You can best use these banners for advertisement and marketing purposes. Moreover, event organizers can also use these banners to mark emergency exits or escape routes. Privacy is a significant factor in private events. Therefore, we also provide privacy screens in various colors and sizes to meet the customers’ requirements. You can use support triangles or storm braces to secure these banners on fencing in windy conditions.

You can also convert event fencing into queuing lanes and walkways in California. That will significantly assist in event management. You can use them to secure an event’s entry and exit points. We provide a door for securing the entrance with the fencing arrangement.

What Are the Best Extensions for Temporary Event Fencing?

  • Access gates for vehicles
  • Access gates for pedestrians
  • Security clamps that will prevent tampering with event fencing
  • Anti-storm braces for windy areas
  • Anti-lift braces to protect temporary fencing
  • Safety signage that is custom printed on the fencing panels
  • Branding and advertisement
  • Banners and flags printed per the customers’ requirements
  • Blackout or Privacy screens
  • Police Barricades

Applications For Temporary Event Fencing

  • Subdivision of an area
  • Public Festivals
  • Stadium Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Events
  • Construction Sites
  • Conferences
  • Demonstrations


What is the applicability scope of temporary event fencing?

Temporary event fencing is applicable and both indoor and outdoor events. It is a viable tool for protecting all types of events from trespassers and herding animals. Moreover, it also plays a pivotal role in ensuring the privacy of an event. Temporary event fencing is an integral part of security arrangements for every public or private event.

Does temporary event fencing require specialized labor?

No, the temporary event fencing in California does not require a highly skilled or specialized labor force for the installation or disintegration process. These fencing panels are very straightforward to install. Moreover, they are also lightweight due to the use of high-quality and lightweight manufacturing components. Therefore, the installation process does not require special skills.

Is temporary event fencing environmentally friendly?

Yes, temporary event fencing is environmentally friendly since it is made from recyclable materials. Galvanized steel is the core constituent of these fencing panels. This material is not only rust-proof but is also fire-proof. Therefore, galvanized steel makes the temporary event fencing durable and environmentally friendly. One can easily reuse these fencing panels and can recycle them anytime.

Can temporary event fencing be used for marketing purposes?


Yes, temporary event fencing is an ideal equipment for carrying out marketing activities in an event. You can install advertisement banners along the width of these fencing panels. Furthermore, you can also use advertisement flags with these fencing panels. So, temporary event fencing will bring in a high revenue due to multi-purpose marketing opportunities.

Is theft prevention possible with temporary event fencing?

Large-scale events have expensive equipment and are vulnerable to theft. Thereby, the temporary event fencing will protect the equipment of an event from theft. It will keep the trespassers and unwanted persons away from the site of your event. So, these fencing panels are viable to protect the equipment of an event from getting stolen.

Can you guide the event’s participants using temporary event fencing?

The major benefit of temporary event fencing is that it can be used in multiple ways. These fencing panels are the best way to display the direction of an event to the participants of an event. The temporary fencing panels are of a good height of approximately two meters. Therefore, the direction signs will be easily visible to everyone at this height.