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What is Temporary Event Flooring Toronto?

Generally, the ground-bearing capacity of turf surfaces is not enough for large-scale events. Therefore, it is essential to use temporary event flooring in Toronto. The temporary flooring will significantly enhance the bearing capacity of an event.

The outdoor event flooring is viable for enhancing the stability of the ground surface. These flooring panels are best to use on construction sites and other events.

Wide Range of Floor Protection Systems

We offer a wide range of temporary event flooring in different applications. Furthermore, our flooring panels have various bearing capacities. Thus, you can choose the perfect flooring system per your ground conditions and other requirements.

Our topmost ground protection systems are HD panels, Box panels, or Arena panels. These mats have a higher bearing capacity. Therefore, they can easily withstand a load of heavy machinery on the construction sites.

Our event flooring in Toronto is a critical component of turf protection. LD rolls are ideal for handling low to medium loads in events. Moreover, we also provide EasyMats which have greater flexibility. Similarly, Plywood or Hexagon are other flooring options that can enhance the ground protection.

Why Temporary Event Flooring?

Temporary event flooring is suitable for large-scale events, especially outdoor events. These flooring panels are perfect for short-term usage. You can create temporary working areas using these portable event flooring in Toronto.

These flooring units are ideal for use as construction roadways. Following are some related applications of these flooring systems:

  • Temporary parking lots
  • Transport routes
  • Substructures for seating arrangements in temporary events
  • Stage foundations

Safe Access Roads for Vehicles

  • Forklifts
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Cranes
  • Heavy Construction Machinery
  • Transport Vehicles

Suitable Solutions for Every Surface

Temporary event flooring is an essential requirement for outdoor events. Musical concerts, festivals, or other public events are incomplete without using temporary flooring. These flooring panels protect the vulnerable turf surface. Moreover, they also provide a stable walking surface to the attendees of an event.

Furthermore, temporary event flooring in Toronto will prove vital for managing higher loads. Following are some other solutions for a temporary flooring:

  • Outdoor fields
  • Grassy Meadows
  • Sandy or silty beaches
  • Natural turf surfaces in stadiums
  • Golf Courses
  • Racetracks
  • Conservation Areas
  • Ice Rinks
  • Green Spaces

You can create a path by using the panels of this temporary flooring system. The ideal load distribution of these temporary panels makes them favorable in every situation. These flooring panels significantly increase the load-bearing capacity.

Ground Protection Systems for Extreme Load Points

The ground conditions decide the selection of the type of temporary event flooring in Toronto. Furthermore, the load requirement is also a key factor in determining the kind of event flooring. Our strand cast aluminum material flooring panels can carry heavy loads without deformation.

Moreover, we also provide HD Panels, perfect for construction industry use. These flexible flooring mats will work best for uneven and bumpy surfaces.

Highly Loadable and Flexible

We provide Box Panels for heavy loadings. You can use our temporary event flooring in multiple ways per your requirements. Moreover, we can also install Arena Panels and PistEco manually to protect the turf surface.

These flooring mats can withstand heavy loads without any deformation. Moreover, the flexibility of these mats makes them suitable for temporary roadways. They will also prove vital for covering uneven and bumpy surfaces. Thus, you can have a comprehensive ground protection system using these mats.

Quickly Deployable Transport Paths and Heavy-Duty Roads

You can make our LD Rolls for making temporary transport paths. It is very straightforward to install our temporary event flooring in Toronto. You only have to roll out the flooring panels to cover a large area. The installation process does not take a lot of time. Similarly, the dismantling process of these flooring panels is also very easy.

We also offer Plywood panels to use as temporary flooring. These wooden panels are easy to install and cost-effective. Moreover, you can also cut these wooden panels into specific sizes per your requirements.

Suitable For Almost Any Surface

You can use several layers of plywood to enhance the bearing capacity of these floor panels. Thus, it makes the temporary event flooring a roadway. We provide different types of floor mats according to the ground conditions.

Furthermore, we also provide EasyMats that are suitable for almost every surface. These floor mats’ flexibility makes them a perfect alternative for use on uneven surfaces. Our Hexagon panels are a top choice for uneven surfaces. Moreover, these panels can create asymmetrical surfaces in events.

Temporary Event Flooring: Tailored to Your Needs

You have the option to use a single type of temporary event flooring in Toronto for your event. That will enhance the overall aesthetics of your event. These flooring panels provide firm protection to the underlying turf surface. However, you can also use a combination of different flooring units per your requirements.

Light And Air-Permeable

Light and air-permeable is a significant requirement for temporary event flooring. Our flooring panels have perforations that make them light and air-permeable. It is mandatory to keep the underlying grass fresh.

ArmorDeck 3, Matrax, and Terratrak are our flooring panels with the highest permeability to keep the underlying surface fresh.

Made From Recyclable Materials

Our flooring arrangement is available in different colors. The best feature of our flooring products is that we use recyclable material for their production. Thus, our temporary event flooring is eco-friendly.

Additional Supports

We offer additional services with portable event flooring in Toronto. They are as follows:

  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Assembling
  • Breakdown
  • Final Cleaning
  • On-site supervisors
  • Customer support