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What Is Temporary Fencing Illinois?

Our temporary event fencing in Illinois conforms to the security requirements of different events. The fencing mechanism is ideal for temporary purposes regardless of the event. It is best suitable for large-scale events or storage protection purposes in the construction industry.

The event fencing helps to delimit or subdivision of an event’s area. Moreover, these temporary fences for rent are easy to install. Similarly, the breakdown process is also straightforward as you only have to connect them manually. The lightweight feature speeds up the installation process.

It is also referred to as a construction site fence since it was initially designed to secure the construction sites from unauthorized interventions. The provision of visual orientation is another key feature of using event fencing.

Blocking the accessibility to a specific area is the prime purpose of a temporary fencing arrangement. You can restrict the fencing arrangement along the perimeter of your event to prevent the intervention of trespassers or other unauthorized persons.

The temporary fencing is also a viable option for managing the queue process. Moreover, it is also a top-notch method for advertisement purposes.

Product Features for Temporary Fencing

eps have anti-climb event fencing panels in its stock-keeping units. Our manufacturing department can design the temporary fences of customized dimensions per the customers’ requirements. Galvanized steel is our go-to material for the manufacturing of event fencing panels.

The galvanized steel has distinctive properties, making it a perfect option to use as a chief constituent in fencing panels. It is a fire-proof, durable, and rust-proof material. Thus, it makes an ideal arrangement for temporary event fencing in Illinois.

Moreover, concrete or recycled polypropylene is the manufacturing material for stabilizing bocks. The stabilizing blocks are used as ground support to install temporary fencing panels. We use standard wire mesh elements that exhibit anti-climb features to enhance the security of an event.

We offer a wide range of temporary fence for rental apart from providing custom sizes. Our customers can choose between the concrete bases and the recyclable bases. The galvanized steel utilized in the manufacturing process makes these fencing panels lightweight.

Generally, one element of our event fencing weighs around 16 kilograms (35 lbs.). Furthermore, it is 3.50 meters (138 in) in width and 2 meters (79 in) in height. You can shield the wire mesh of fencing panels for enhanced privacy, such as in sanitary areas.

This is achieved by using a unique element to cover the steel mesh of the fencing panels. The fencing steel provides them with a robust and fire-proof surface. A fence pallet and a stone pallet are the two components of our packaging.

Our transportation process accommodates 30 bases on an underframe. The 29 fence panel units in the transportation process make the upper frames. We can take care of installation and breakdown processes per the customers’ demands.

Temporary Fencing: Did You Know?

There are countless benefits of using temporary fences for rent. You can install and dismantle them whenever you require. The lightweight feature of these fence panels aids the process of installation. They are an inexpensive solution for your fencing requirements for different events.

We provide a wide of complementary accessories along with temporary fencing. These accessories can enhance the capacity of temporary fences for their operational purposes. Adaptability and versatility are the topmost features of an event fencing arrangement. For smaller events, we recommend the use of standard fencing panels. You should consider our GIGS Stage Barricades for bigger events, which provide a higher resistance.

What Are the Advantages of Temporary Fencing?

  • Easy installation and dismantling process owing to lightweight manufacturing.
  • Help in effective crowd management
  • Increase the security of an event
  • For high foot traffic, we recommend using GIGS Stage Barricades, which are high-pressure items.

Best Practice

Temporary fencing panels are suitable for large-scale outdoor events such as “Carnival in Cologne” and the evergreen festival “Rock Am Ring.”

Optional Extras for Temporary Fencing

Fence clumps, structs, and chains with locks are some of the most common accessories we offer alongside the temporary fencing panels. These accessories enhance the safety and stability of the fencing arrangement.

Flat emergency exit panels are also utilized on these fencing panels as a counteractive measure in emergencies. The door is also an important component of temporary event fencing in Illinois. You can use this door to control the exit and entry point and the abetment of fencing panels.

You can use our different types of fencing panels and create a perfect amalgamation. GIGS stage barricades provide more comprehensive security against higher foot traffic. You can select from our diverse range of event fencing options per your requirements.

What Are the Extensions for Temporary Fencing?

  • Pedestrian Access Gates
  • Vehicle Access Gates
  • Anti-Lift Bracing
  • Storm Bracing
  • Blackout-privacy Scrim
  • Police Barriers
  • Anti-tamper security clamps
  • Custom Printed Safety Signage and Posters
  • Custom Printed Flags and Banners

Applications For Temporary Fencing

  • Construction Sites
  • Conferences
  • Stadiums
  • Area Creation or Division
  • Festivals
  • Greenfield Sites