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The Importance of a Drinking Water Station

Every open-air celebration needs a drinking water station. It is one of the most significant areas for weary and thirsty festival-goers to go after a music event, particularly during the hot summer months. Drinking water stations, for example, should be accessible in adequate quantities at each campground of a significant event.

The portable water station may be put up fast, conveniently, and at any place. There are several taps in each module. Several visitors can satisfy their thirst or fill their bottles or containers with clean drinking water at the same time. A proper drinking water supply protects all guests’ well-being and improves their health, whether at concerts, sports, or other activities.

Today, water stations are incredibly durable and built for big, multi-day events like festivals and athletic events. In campsites and backroom areas, a drinking water station is ideal. It’s the ideal solution for keeping event attendees and crews hydrated throughout the season.

The Benefits of a Drinking Water Station

eps can provide you with top-notch options. There are a total of twelve taps on each drinking water station, which are reachable from both sides. As a result, each side has six taps. The station has a length of 2.4 meters, a width of 1.12 meters, and a height of 60 cm.

Its nature is also incredibly sturdy and durable. The pipes are composed of high-quality stainless steel, while the sturdy frame is coated steel. Furthermore, the faucets include a self-closing feature that saves water. Consequently, water use is kept to a minimum, and the environment is protected.

Each water station has twelve strong fittings accessed from both sides and has an automated shut-off to save water. With a forklift, you can quickly unload and assemble these pieces.

In a matter of minutes, you can outfit any place with various water sources. Furthermore, both variables are the quantity and placement of individual modules.

The Design of a Drinking Water Station

Drinking Water Station 0 .jpg

The small and compact design of a drinking water station allows access from both sides. As a result, arranging numerous stations in a space-saving manner is feasible while maintaining sufficient mobility. This allows you to make the most of an event site’s available area and accommodate many people.

The sturdy design stands out not just because of the ecologically beneficial self-closing fittings but also because of its practical height. You may fill bottles, jars, or other similar containers with water from a comfortable standing posture.

Water is delivered to a modern drinking water station through GEKA-plus hose connections. Furthermore, producers link the wastewater pipe to a high-temperature pipe, or HT pipe, with a diameter size of 100. There are also drinking water and wastewater tanks accessible if the requisite (sewer) connections are not present on site.

You can also obtain the materials required for the foundation. This ensures that the ground is perfectly leveled and properly drained of wastewater. The eps team is also delighted to provide non-slip and durable flooring, such as Remopla, for the area surrounding the water stations.

The Features

Any other automatic water delivery method can’t compare to our drinking water station technique. Our water stations go above and beyond industry norms regarding meticulousness and high-end amenities. The station’s tanks are automatically replenished every time water is provided. As a result, your visitors will always have access to cool fresh water.

These water-filling systems fill a 24-ounce bottle in 9 seconds (45 seconds faster than the normal water cooler or water fountain), eliminating low-pressure drinking fountains. You can fill wider-mouth containers or bigger containers with the spacious fill area and deep dispense nozzle. Anything from a travel mug to a large jug may fit beneath the dispensers.

These units have a deep dispense nozzle, a one-touch refill button, and a concealed capture tray. So, compared to normal water coolers and drinking fountains, bottle-filling stations contain fewer debris, dust, and germs. Activated oxygen sanitizes the stainless-steel containers and internal system without the use of chemicals, requiring almost no cleaning upkeep on your part.

LED lights, night lights, and an inbuilt surveillance system reduce operating expenses to a minimum. Our solutions are less expensive to run than a drinking fountain, supporting our environmental goals.

Our stations include cutting-edge inside architecture and a one-of-a-kind water bottle-filling station experience. Plus, the most cutting-edge design of our drinking water station is the consequence of innovative features and sturdy, high-quality exterior components.

Why Choose Us?

For huge events, eps offers tailored water drinking stations. A drinking water station in Los Angeles is an eco-friendly way to satisfy your audience’s thirst. We also have construction fence banners or markers that you may use to indicate the set-up areas in a very visible manner. As a result, you’ll have the finest possible perspective on the event grounds.

Mobile showers, hand washing facilities, and other sanitary amenities are also available, allowing full sanitary areas to be set up in no time. Our drinking water station proves to be a critical thirst quencher, keeping event attendees hydrated throughout the event.

Our industry-leading drinking water station solutions have been designed to meet the demands of various applications, including both indoor and outdoor environments. You may choose from a variety of stations that include bottle-filling technology, drinking fountains, and bubblers, as well as extra signage designs. A drinking water station in Los Angeles is ideal for your event.