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Heavy Duty Mats for Big Events

Significance Of Heavy Duty Mats

Large-scale events have thousands of attendees, and therefore, the turf surface is the most vulnerable to damage. Heavy-duty mats are necessary to protect the grass of the outdoor event as they will serve as a protection layer for the turf surface.

The grass surface of an event is prone to get damaged if no protection strategy is undertaken for it. Moreover, the uneven turf surface can be difficult for normal attendees and wheelchair participants.

Trip hazard incidents are also very common in events having thousands of people. These accidents can cause injuries, and also the event can turn chaotic in a matter of a few minutes. Therefore, a slip-resistant surface is a requirement that will avert this unwanted situation.

The top surface of heavy-duty mats has been made with a ribbed-like structure. The ribbed surface acts as an anti-slip-resistant. These protection mats will reduce trip hazard incidents to a maximum extent due to the non-slippery surface.

Furthermore, keeping the grass buried under the protection mats is also a big challenge. If the grass doesn’t get adequate air and light, it will get damaged ultimately. Therefore, these mats have been provided with small perforations on the top surface.

The perforations of these heavy protection mats are such that only the air and light will be able to pass through them. In this way, the air and light will reach the grass surface continuously. Thus, the grass surface will remain fresh regardless of when it remains buried under the heavy ground protection mats.

Properties Of Heavy Duty Mats


The heavy-duty mats are made up of strand cast aluminum. This material has two distinctive properties. One is that it is lightweight, and the other is that it exhibits greater strength. Being lightweight and greater in strength simultaneously makes it very easy to install in a larger area in a short period.

The strength of strand cast aluminum is out of the question, and it can bear a load of thousands of people without having any deformation. Therefore, the underlying turf surface will remain protected from a load of people and the event machinery. Moreover, the perforations within these aluminum mats will keep the buried grass fresh.

The heavy-duty mats have been made with aluminum as the major constituent. Aluminum is the best material to be used outdoors because it does not rust regardless of the weathering conditions. Therefore, these ground protection mats are durable and will not undergo wear and tear despite any weathering conditions.

Due to the lightweight of these protection mats, the installation and the dismantling process are very easy and do not take a lot of time. Furthermore, these panels are connected by bolts to form a strong assembly.

The oxide layer on the material of these temporary protection mats makes them rust-resistant, and therefore, you can use them outdoors despite the weathering conditions. In addition, these protection mats are also fire-resistant and will not be the cause of any fire-related incident in your event.

Advantages Of Heavy Duty Mats

There are countless advantages of using heavy-duty mats for events. These mats are part and parcel of any outdoor event. First and foremost, they will protect the grass surface from irreparable damage. Moreover, the perforations on the top surface of these mats will keep the grass surface fresh at all times by allowing the penetration of air and light.

These ground protection mats do not cause any fire-related incidents, and therefore, they are completely safe to use. The aluminum material is the major manufacturing material of these ground protection mats. This material will make these protection mats durable and free from any corrosion.

Furthermore, the heavy-duty mats have a ribbed surface at the top, making them slip-resistant. The slip-resistant property of these ground protection mats reduces the trip hazard incidents in an event to a maximum extent.

These mats are flexible, and their flexibility is known to cover the uneven surfaces in an outdoor event. Therefore, the uneven surfaces will become even, and the event will be easily accessible even for the wheelchair participants.

Applications Of Heavy Duty Mats

Heavy Duty Mats 2.jpg (2)

Due to their widespread advantages, heavy-duty mats are used in many different arrangements. These protection mats are a must-have arrangement to protect the turf surface in outdoor events. Moreover, these protection mats are also ideal for large-scale musical events.

You will see them in public rallies or gatherings, and their easy accessibility is utilized for all types of outdoor events so that everyone can participate. The wheelchair participants have the greatest advantage as they can access the event without hassle.

The heavy-duty mats also find diverse applications in the construction industry. The soft soil surface on the construction site makes it extremely difficult for the construction machinery to operate. Therefore, these protection mats protect the soil surface and provide an easy passage for the construction machinery.

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