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Here’s What You Should Know About Heavy Duty Mats

Importance Of Heavy Duty Mats

Heavy-duty mats are an important element of event management. You cannot expect a smooth event without using these mats. These mats provide protection and stability at the same time. Thus, the event managers must ensure a flooring arrangement for this purpose.

The turf surface is prone to undergo damage in case of large-scale events. It is pertinent to mention that the turf surface cannot withstand heavy loads. Therefore, it is essential to arrange a flooring arrangement to protect the grass surface of outdoor events.

The mats play a pivotal role in ground protection. These mats are vital for protecting the ground surface in events with high foot traffic volume. One cannot undermine the importance of these mats.

The grass will rot if it remains under the mats for longer. It is due to the insufficient supply of air and light. Therefore, these heavy-duty mats have perforations within the panels. These perforations will allow the passage of air and light to reach the grass underneath. Therefore, the grass surface will remain fresh regardless of the time under the flooring panels.

Trip hazard accidents are common in large-scale events. These accidents can cause injuries, and the event can get chaotic in a short period. Therefore, event planners use these heavy mats to prevent trip hazard incidents. These mats have ribs on the top surface.

These ribs prevent slippage accidents. Furthermore, it also provides better movement for wheelchair attendees. Considering all these factors, we cannot imagine a streamlined event without using heavy mats. Thus, it signifies the importance of these mats.

Distinctive Properties

Heavy Duty Mats - 05.JPG

The heavy-duty mats have strand cast aluminum as the major constituent. Strand cast aluminum is a high-strength material. Therefore, it significantly enhances the bearing capacity of heavy mats. High strength is a major requirement for heavy mats since they protect the turf surface.

Aluminum is used as a manufacturing material for these mats because it is lightweight and simultaneously has a high bearing capacity. The lightweight attribute of these mats expedites the installation process. You can install these mats over a large area in a very short period.

Furthermore, the dismantling process of these heavy mats is also straightforward. Aluminum is a rust-proof material. Thus, these mats are durable and will not rust regardless of the conditions. You can use these mats repeatedly without any problem.

These floor mats are easy to clean if there is a liquid or food spillage. The manufacturing is such that it will allow easy cleaning. Moreover, these mats have fire-proof properties. Therefore, they will cause any fire-related accidents in an event.

These heavy mats are lightweight. However, they have a high bearing capacity. The high bearing capacity allows them to withhold heavy loads without damaging the underneath turf surface. Flexibility is another key attribute of these heavy-duty mats.

There are a lot of uneven and bumpy surfaces in an event. These uneven surfaces can become a major problem for the attendees of an event. Therefore, the event organizers must manage a flooring arrangement to cover the uneven surfaces.

These heavy mats are extremely flexible and will easily cover uneven surfaces. Thus, they will make the surfaces more stable.

Pros Of Using Heavy Duty Mats

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There are bundles of advantages of using heavy-duty mats for events. The first and foremost advantage is the protection of the turf surface. These heavy mats will keep the grass undamaged from the high foot traffic and heavy machinery. Furthermore, the perforations within these mats will allow the passage of air and light.

In this way, the underlying grass surface will remain fresh. Anti-slip hazard is another key benefit of using these heavy mats. There are ribs on the top surface of these mats. Therefore, it will minimize the trip hazard accidents in an event.

Heavy-duty mats are lightweight. Therefore, they require very less time to install and dismantle. These mats have a high bearing capacity. They can withstand heavy loads. Furthermore, these mats have rust-proof properties, and that makes them durable.

Fire-proof is another major advantage of using these mats. They will not cause any fire-related accident in an event.

Applicability Of Heavy Duty Mats

Heavy-duty mats are applicable for events where you must protect the turf surface from damage. Moreover, these mats are also suitable for use in musical concerts. Thus, these mats will provide a stable walking surface for the attendees of an event.

These heavy-duty mats are perfectly viable for use in the construction industry. The heavy machinery of the construction industry cannot operate easily on soil or muddy surfaces. Therefore, these heavy mats will provide a firm and stable surface for moving heavy machinery. The applications of these mats can be listed as follows:

  • Construction sites
  • Public and private events
  • Sports events
  • Fashion shows
  • Musical concerts

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