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What is Ground Protection Mats?

Ground protection mats provide a diverse range of applications. Furthermore, these heavy-duty floor mats have great significance in the construction sector. These protection mats ease the movement of heavy machinery on a construction site.

The natural surface of construction makes the movement of vehicles extremely difficult. Thus, the ground protection mats in California provide a stable surface. Moreover, these mats are highly durable and long-lasting.

Ground Protection Mats for Loads of All Kinds

We provide a wide range of turf and ground protection mats per the customers’ requirements. You can create temporary roadways with our temporary protection mats. Moreover, you can also create temporary walkways with these dynamic mats.

You can use these protection mats for multiple purposes. These turf and ground protection mats protect any natural surface from heavy loading. Our protection mats possess a high bearing capacity. Therefore, they can protect the turf surface from heavy loads of equipment and crowd.

Furthermore, our temporary construction ground protection mats provide maximum traction for the smooth movement of vehicles. Hence, these mats are the best solution for making temporary roadways. Moreover, they are also ideal for protecting the natural turf surface under different types of loading conditions.

Applications Of Ground Protection Mats

Different events have different ground conditions. These ground conditions decide the selection of the type of ground protection mats. Therefore, different projects will require different commercial floor mats by the requirements.
The soil conditions and the intensity of load are the two decisive factors. These factors decide what type of protection mats are best for your event.

Health And Safety

Safety of turf surfaces is the topmost concern of event organizers. Moreover, providing a stable walking surface is second to turf protection. Therefore, heavy-duty mats in California will solve these problems. They will protect turf surfaces regardless of the intensity of loading.
These protection mats are ideal for making temporary roadways. That will allow the seamless movement of heavy vehicles. Moreover, these ground protection mats will also protect the soft soil surface from damage.

Roadways, Area Protection, And More

Temporary roadways are the topmost application of heavy-duty mats in California. These roadways are a common operational requirement in the construction industry. They provide a stable surface for the movement of heavy machinery without any hassle.

Furthermore, the temporary roadways will also protect the underlying surface from damage. Therefore, using ground protection mats in the construction sector has multiple benefits. Operating machinery at construction sites over the natural surface is difficult. Hence, a temporary flooring is mandatory to streamline the operations of sites.

Use On Rough Grounds

Ground protection mats have a high bearing capacity, which varies with the types of protective mats. Generally, the ground surfaces in construction sites are rough. The rough surfaces have less bearing capacity. Therefore, high-bearing capacity protection panels are ideal for such ground conditions. We have HD panels and Box panels to fill the slots of high bearing capacity.

Power Distribution and Transmission

Power distribution and transmission sites require the use of heavy machinery. Moreover, heavy equipment transportation is also a significant challenge at these sites. Therefore, ground protection mats in California provide a safe and stable passage in the power distribution sites.

We provide HD Panels that are most effective for power transmission sites. Our HD Panels have a high bearing capacity and can withstand heavy loads without deformation.

Transporting Wind Turbines to Their Destinations Undamaged

Wind turbines are extremely heavy components. Therefore, transportation of wind turbines to wind farms requires great attention and care. Generally, the soil conditions at the wind farms are rough, making the transportation of heavy loads difficult.

Hence, ground protection mats are ideal for making the smooth and streamlined transportation of wind turbines. These heavy mats can easily withstand the load of heavy vehicles. Thus, the transportation of wind turbines becomes seamless.

Ready For Use on Soft and Sensitive Soils

We offer different types of heavy-duty floor mats per the customers’ requirements. Moreover, the users can use various protection mats in combinations. The combination of these protection mats enhances the effectiveness of these temporary mats.

The commercial floor mats enhance the logistics process in areas of sensitive soils. Furthermore, these floor mats are ideal for use in forest areas where you have to encounter soft soil. The machinery does not operate easily in forest areas.

Therefore, a ground protection system is necessary to streamline the working in such areas. Our protection mats are suitable for these requirements. They are durable and will provide a stable ground.

Floor Systems for Landscaping

The installation method of ground protection mats is straightforward. Technically, you can proceed with the installation process both manually or with forklifts. This process mainly depends on the user. These flooring mechanisms are best for protecting the turf surface of landscaping.

Uneven surfaces are a major problem in landscaping. Therefore, our EasyMats and HoneyComb Hexagon mats are perfect for dealing with uneven surfaces. Once you have covered the uneven surfaces, the event or site will become easily accessible.

Ground Protection Mats: Extra Protection and Services

Using our temporary floor protection system, you can secure the soft soil of construction sites. However, we offer different ground protection mats according to the ground conditions and load. Hence, it would help to choose protection mats depending on your requirements.

Mostly, event organizers use a single type of protection mat to keep up with the aesthetics. However, you can also use a combination of our protection mats to enhance turf protection. Furthermore, we also provide various add-on products with protection mats. These extra accessories will significantly increase the feasibility of protection mats.

Choose Yourself and Reduce the Costs

We provide ground protection mats for temporary events. You can also get our protection mats on a rental basis. We provide economical ground mats with top-notch project execution. Furthermore, our dynamic team can reduce costs by executing the project optimally.