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Temporary Event Flooring California: Listing the Different Types

Temporary Event Flooring and Its Types

Outdoor events are a challenge for event management. Protecting turf surfaces is the top priority as they are vulnerable in these outdoor events. Temporary event flooring California is the quick-fix solution to deal with the problem in a pitch-perfect manner. The flooring arrangement has become necessary for outdoor events since turf protection is a part of environmental conservation.

Environmental protection organizations have revealed that significant damage is caused to the tur surfaces in outdoor events. Therefore, many states have made it mandatory to have a protection mechanism in place before the commencement of such events. The temporary flooring units perfectly protect the greensward areas in an event.

Generally, the flooring units are manufactured from flexible and reusable materials. However, there are umpteen options when choosing a flooring arrangement for an outdoor event. The types of these portable event flooring panels vary in material composition and useability for specific events. Some flooring panels are applicable for public festivals, whereas others are more suitable for construction sites.

Therefore, it is important to have a firm understanding of different types of flooring units. Once you are crystal clear regarding the types of flooring arrangements, it will become easy for you to choose the best one per your event requirements. Temporary event flooring California comes in numerous colors, designs, and materialistic properties.

You must select the type of flooring arrangement considering all the important factors. The selection criteria can be narrowed down after knowing the pros and cons of different flooring panels. There are many types of flooring units concerning the manufacturing material. We will have an overview of some of the most common types of temporary flooring arrangements.

Temporary Event Flooring – Rollaway

Temporary Event Flooring California

Rollaway is a highly flexible temporary event flooring California that is applicable for a wide range of outdoor and indoor events. The dynamic flexibility of these flooring panels is important, which is the main catch of using this type of flooring mechanism for undulated surfaces. It is a perfect deployment for protecting sensitive and vulnerable greensward areas in outdoor events.

High-density polyethylene is the major componentry of the manufacturing process of these temporary flooring units. This key component is the main reason behind the perfect flexibility of these temporary flooring units. These flooring panels are ideal for use at uneven outdoor events. It is a problematic situation that uneven surfaces in outdoor events make them inaccessible for different participants.

Therefore, it is important to provide a stable and level surface for the movement of attendees, especially wheelchair attendees. Portable event flooring California is a perfect tool to cover undulated surfaces in an event. You only have to cover the entire event area with this flooring panel. Once covered, these highly flexible flooring panels make the undulated surfaces even.


Portafloor is a dynamic flooring arrangement most preferred for event managers. This type of temporary event flooring is lightweight due to its manufacturing structure. Thermoplastic and UV-stabilized polypropylene are the top manufacturing components for this flooring arrangement. In addition, UV stabilization is done to increase the usability of outdoor events.

The UV coating on these temporary flooring units will protect the panels from damage caused by different weathering conditions. In addition, this protective coating will increase the durability and longevity of these temporary flooring panels in an event.

Therefore, this temporary event flooring California is best for environmental conservation as you can reuse these panels repeatedly. Furthermore, these flooring panels are also fire-retardant. That means they will not be the reason behind any fire-related accident.

Terraflor – Temporary Event Flooring

Temporary Event Flooring California

Hardened polythene is the crown manufacturing material of Terraflor. This type of temporary flooring arrangement has a high load-bearing capacity. Therefore, it will comprehensively shield the greensward areas from foot traffic in an event. Moreover, this temporary event flooring California will protect the turf surfaces from damage caused by heavy event machinery.

The flooring pattern keeps the grass surfaces fresh irrespective of the time they remain underneath the panels. In addition, there are perforations within the surface of flooring panels that allow the passage of air and light to the underneath greensward areas.

Thus, the turf surfaces will remain fresh with adequate air and light. In addition, this portable event flooring will cover the grass surfaces and keep them fresh.

Terraplas – Temporary Event Flooring

Terraplas will provide slip-resistant properties when used as a temporary flooring arrangement. This temporary event flooring  is applicable for outdoor and indoor events. Trip hazard accidents are very common in both indoor and outdoor events. In addition, grass surfaces in outdoor events are slippery because of dew drops.

Similarly, the indoor flooring panels also become extremely slippery in case of a liquid spillage. Therefore, it is important to have a temporary arrangement to make these surfaces slip-resistant. The flooring panels have ribbed surfaces on the top. These ribbed bumps on top of these flooring panels will make them slip-resistant.

Furthermore, the temporary event flooring will be slip-resistant for indoor and outdoor events. These flooring arrangements will make the events accessible for all attendees due to the slip-resistant surfaces.

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