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What Are Crowd Control Barriers?

Crowd control barriers are a global requirement and are ideal in countless segments. These barriers are a straightforward method in event management. The crowd control barriers Illinois are very easy to install around the perimeter of an event.

This crowd control bike rack barricades Illinois are the most viable for erecting the demarcation line of an event. The crowd control fencing Illinois is lightweight, so the installation process is straightforward. Moreover, the dismantling process of these crowd barricades is also very easy and hassle-free.

Our crowd control barriers provide a safe and secure event. These crowd barricades are suitable for sports events, festivals, or events of public gatherings. Our crowd barriers are economical. Furthermore, they are a viable option for securing a premise temporarily.

Product Features for Crowd Control Barriers

We use galvanized steel to make these dynamic crowd control barriers. Our barriers are only strong but lightweight at the same time. The lightweight feature assists in the installation process. Furthermore, the color of our safety and crowd control barriers Illinois provides a clear visual delimitation of the buildings or sites.

Our organization provides crowd control barriers that are 0.3 meters wide and 1.20 meters in height. Furthermore, these control barricades weigh 16 to 17 kg. Moreover, we make our crowd management barriers from galvanized steel, a rust-proof and fire-proof material. Furthermore, this manufacturing material also exhibits high strength.

The rust-proof feature of these crowd control barriers significantly enhances the durability factor. This durability factor separates these galvanized steel barrier poles from other materials such as plastic or aluminum.

We provide the delivery of these crowd control barriers on specific transport racks. Our team takes ample precaution during the packing process. Unlike other transporters of crowd control barriers, we transport 20 pieces per rack. This enhances efficient transportation.

Our organization also provides the installation and dismantling process of these crowd control barriers in Illinois.

Crowd Control Barriers: Did You Know?

Our crowd control bike rack barricades in Illinois are lightweight. The lightweight attribute allows the easy transportation of these crowd barriers. We at eps guarantee these crowd management barricades’ seamless installation and dismantling process.

Moreover, these temporary barricades have higher adaptability. You can use a forklift to transport our crowd control barriers from one place to another. It is possible due to the packing limit of 20 pieces per unit. We transport 20 panels in one rack, streamlining the transportation process without hassle.

Our crowd control barriers are ready to use at once for large-scale events where the ground conditions are uneven and bumpy. We provide tailored solutions per the customers’ requirements. eps have a diverse product range for the customers. Thus, you can choose any combination of crowd barriers per your event requirements.

We also provide barricades that withstand high pressure for high foot traffic events. Our high-strength crowd barriers will enhance the event’s stability and will prove instrumental in managing the huge crowds.

What Are the Benefits of Crowd Control Barriers?

  • Cost-effective solution for erecting boundary lines of construction sites or large-scale events
  • Lightweight barriers
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • Drop and lock connection system that will ensure a uniform strength of these temporary crowd control barriers
  • You can deploy these where there are temporary road closures, especially in urban areas.
  • Effective provision of scaffolding for advertisement and marketing purposes
  • GIGS barrier systems are ideal for events with high loading and higher foot traffic

Best Practice

Crowd control barriers are ideal at the entrance points of global events like “Parookaville” and Rock am Ring.”

Optional Extras for Crowd Control Barriers

Plug-in or fixed feet models are available for crowd barriers. However, the general manufacturing aspect is that all types of crowd control barriers have flat feet. The flat feet provide a stable formation and prevent these barriers from stumbling.

We also offer a customized roll structure that covert the connected barriers into a gate. Therefore, you can efficiently and effectively use them at the entrance points of your events. This rollable arrangement allows the users to make safety gates with these temporary barriers.

You also have the option to connect different types of barricade systems such as GIGS barricades and police barriers to enhance the effectiveness factor. This way, you will have other options to find the best solution for your event requirements.

We also provide custom-designed crowd control barriers with logos and other marketing banners installed on the panels of these barriers. These advertisement banners are eye-catching. We can secure your event with our dynamic crowd control barriers.

What Are the Extensions And Add-Ons for Crowd Control Barriers?

  • Access Gates for Vehicles
  • Crossing Gates for Attendees or Pedestrians
  • Safety Signage and Branding (custom printed)
  • Compatible to use with eps barriers, temporary fencing arrangements, and security gates

Applications For Crowd Control Barriers

  • Queuing Lanes in Events
  • Temporary Walkways
  • Temporary Route Demarcation
  • Area Division
  • Festivals
  • Public Gatherings
  • Large-Scale Events
  • Stadiums
  • Sporting Events
  • Construction Sites
  • Conferences and Public Processions
  • Carnivals
  • Road Races and Other Sports Events