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What Are Crowd Control Barriers

Our temporary crowd control barriers Toronto are a global requirement. They play an instrumental role in crowd management. Moreover, they are lightweight and offer easy installation and dismantling processes. Furthermore, the lightweight feature also enhances the economical aspect.

Similarly, these barriers are also an ideal solution for differentiating sites. You can use our temporary barriers to limit the crowd to a certain area in an event. Moreover, the subdivision of an area within the premises of an event is also possible with crowd control barricades in Toronto. Our crowd barriers are perfectly viable for temporary delimitations of an area. Moreover, they are also suitable for covering the perimeter of a construction site. These temporary barriers are a must-have arrangement in sporting events.

Product Features for Crowd Control Barriers

Hot-dip galvanized steel piping is the manufacturing material of our crowd control barriers Toronto. The galvanized steel piping has numerous properties. Firstly, this material is rust-proof. Therefore, crowd control barriers having galvanized steel will not rust under at circumstances. In this way, the durability of these temporary barriers will enhance significantly.

Furthermore, fireproof is another key property of these barriers. Thus, these barriers will not cause any fire-related incidents in an event. Crowd safety is a major concern for event managers. Therefore, our crowd barriers ensure the safety of attendees of an event.

Our crowd control barricades Toronto weigh around 17 to 18 kilograms (37 to 40 lbs.). Moreover, the width and height of our barriers are 0.03 meters (2 in) and 1.20 meters (48 in), respectively. The length of a single barricade ranges from 2.35 to 2.50 meters (92 to 98 in).

We use standard transport racks to deliver grid elements of these barriers. Our transport rack comprises 20 grid units. This transportation plan ensures that the product delivery is without any damage. We do not take any risks in transportation to deliver the barriers intact.

Crowd Control Barriers: Did You Know?

Our crowd control barriers are flexible. Therefore, they are very easy to install and dismantle. The lightweight attribute of these barriers makes the transportation process seamless. Furthermore, it also makes the installation process easy. Moreover, our barricades have a drop and lock system to enhance the rigidity factor.

The 20-grid transportation method proves fruitful. We can deliver these barriers without any damage. Moreover, we also use forklift trucks for transportation purposes. The 20-grid system enhances the efficiency of the delivery process.

This ideal transportation loading even makes it through the bumpy roads of a festival. Furthermore, we provide customized solutions for temporary crowd control barriers in Toronto. Our prime aim is to execute the project per the customers’ requirements.

Our customers can also connect these crowd barriers with other barricades. In this way, the safety of an event will enhance significantly.

What Are the Advantages of Crowd Control Barriers?

  • Cost-effective solution for securing the construction sites
  • Economical solution for event protection
  • Drop and lock connection system for enhanced stability
  • Straightforward installation and dismantling processes
  • Best for temporary road closures
  • Providing ample space for advertisement and marketing purposes
  • A viable option for medium to heavy crowd loading

Best Practice

Crowd control barriers in Toronto find applications globally. These barricades are must-have equipment for large-scale events such as “Parookaville” and “Rock am Ring.”

Optional Extras for Crowd Control Barriers

Different models are available per the customer’s requirements. We have fixed, or plug-in feet crowd control barriers available. All the models have flat feet to enhance the stability of these barricades. Furthermore, we also provide special access gates to connect them with crowd barriers.

These barriers with gates are best for use at the entrance points of events. You can make this arrangement by using our universal connectors. Furthermore, we offer custom designs for our crowd control barriers.

Our customized banners are feasible for advertisement and marketing purposes. Moreover, you can also use these temporary barriers for showing different signage. We have different options regarding temporary barriers. You can use a combination of these barriers to enhance the safety and security of your event.

What Are the Additional Extensions for Crowd Control Barriers?

  • Pedestrians access gates
  • Vehicle access gates
  • Safety signage and branding with custom printing
  • Compatible with eps temporary fencing, GIGS stage barricades, and other barricades

Applications For Crowd Control Barriers

  • Temporary closure of roads
  • Division of a larger area of an event
  • Demonstrations
  • Processions
  • Conferences
  • Festivals and carnivals
  • Construction sites
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Route Delimitation