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Access Control Gates: Control the Flow Now!

Access control gates aid in the safe and regulated entry of the general public to important events. It’s also ideal for various occasions, including music festivals, business parties, and sporting events. The personnel can easily manage traffic flow using these gates.

Strong measures are necessary for events that happen regularly. As a result, such gates ensure that the public is allowed in a regulated manner. Furthermore, these are an excellent complement to security obstacles. These would be perfect for a music festival, enterprise, or sporting event.

With this separator, you can securely limit access to any event. These are suitable for events with a large number of attendees. Furthermore, you must take necessary security steps for the entry area while hosting huge events. This is when access control gates can be useful.

The Benefits of Access Gates


Access control isn’t the most exciting aspect of organizing an event. Its significance, however, cannot be emphasized. If you ignore this issue, guests may have a negative experience right away. This might result in a considerable rise in personnel expenses. Furthermore, such difficulties can wreak havoc on your event’s security. Here are the topmost benefits of access control gates. You don’t want those who haven’t bought tickets to attend your event. This isn’t only a financial issue. Furthermore, congestion can compromise public security. Therefore, access control systems can assist in preventing this. Only authorized staff will access the event in this manner.

You must conduct security inspections at event entrances with care. Furthermore, it aids in the completion of thorough inspections. Similarly, it helps to avoid large queues. As a result, the number of unsatisfied guests is reduced. Access control gates provide the necessary instruments for crowd management. Security staff will benefit greatly from these technologies. Furthermore, these methods aid in the regulation of flows at entry points. Similarly, these technologies assist with event site security.

The Applications of Control Gates

Checking tickets, bags, and visitors can be done in front of or behind the entry lock. With a well-thought-out entry system, such as access control gates, entering a festival site, a stadium, or other events is as fast and comfortable as possible. Furthermore, such gates serve as a visual orienting point for guests, marking the start of the guest experience.


Gates for access control are an important part of overall security. It’s also crucial for crowd management plans. These gates also provide a secure passage to adjacent barrier lines. Similarly, securing the separation of structures within venues, stadiums, concert grounds, and event venues is critical.

Security checks are possible with such gates. You can do these checks ahead of time. You might also carry out these inspections behind the admission points. They aid in crowd management. For entry and line-up areas, these methods provide clear visual effects.

Options for Access Control Gates

We offer the following options for access control gates:

GIGS IO Gate: Our multipurpose GIGS IO Gate, with its one-of-a-kind design, opens up whole new opportunities in the event industry. It also converts from an entry gate to a dependable emergency escape in under a second. This one-of-a-kind mechanism instantly links an entry and an emergency exit. So, it allows for regulated and secure crowd access at every event.

GIGS Smart Gate: The GIGS Smart Gate sets the bar in terms of security in the admissions area. In addition, the gate has a built-in ticket scanner. As a result, full transparency with contactless and sanitary controls is possible.


Intelligent Access Gate: The Intelligent Access Gate is a stable and sound interior and exterior option for employee and guest access control. It’s fully contact-free and adaptable. Video screening technology is part of this system. This device continuously monitors the body temperature of individuals. Such access control gates allow faster ticket processing thanks to the AI integration.

Why Choose Us?

eps is there for you when you need maximum security for events. Our access control gates in Los Angeles and Chicago are both compact and powerful. These are also portable. You can swiftly deploy these without issues. At events with big people, these systems provide the highest level of protection.

These gates may be packed into our custom shipping dollies. Additionally, this reduces the need for expensive transportation equipment. It also has the advantage of being simple to carry and store.

Our access control gates in Chicago and Los Angeles provide the most versatility. Furthermore, you may install them without difficulty. We offer a gate system that increases configuration efficiency. You may also uninstall and replace whole portions of a row. If you want maximum convenience, contact us now.